What Separates A Winner From A Loser

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I want to share with you one of the biggest lessons I learned in the last month. It’s something I’ve been trying to figure out since I first started teaching workshops, and noticing that some people excelled while others got nowhere — even though they were both putting in the same amount of work. There was a piece missing that … Read More

3 Updates To The Game And Emergency

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There’s a lot going on, so I wanted to write a quick post with a few notes and updates. Update 1: Gameliness is Next to Godliness? Some of you who’ve been to certain Barnes and Noble stores recently have written in to report a strange experience: The Game is nowhere to be found on the shelves. Instead, it is now … Read More

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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As you all know, I only email you when I have something to say, whether it’s about the topics in The Game, Emergency, writing, life advice, or culture in general. But today is an exception: Because someone else has something to say. Every now and then, I get a letter in my inbox that I feel compelled to share. As … Read More

10 Most Common Survival Myths

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I’ve been wanting to write this email “rant” for about a month.  But I keep starting it, then stopping it. It’s hard to get the tone right without showing too much frustration: If I thought doing the media circus for The Game was tough, discussing Emergency has unexpectedly been even more of a challenge. In about half the radio interviews … Read More

The Secure Way Is Really the Insecure Way

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What do you do? This is the first time I’ve started getting emails in my inbox not just asking for advice about women and writing, but about problems with work and anxieties about money. Maybe this is because of the pending release of Emergency in two weeks. Or maybe this is because every single person I know has been affected … Read More

Rules Of The Game: The Jinx Opener

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Here’s a classic opener from seduction expert Evolve… Ever walk into a club and you have something to say but the music is so loud that no one can hear you ? Well I know exactly what that feels like! That’s why I created this opener – The Jinx Opener. Night clubs can be a pain in the ass sometimes. … Read More

The Meaning Of Life And The Secret To Happiness

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In the spirit of the times, I wanted to share with you all the most pretentiously titled post I’ve ever written. A few of you may have seen a draft of it on my website-in-progress. What I enjoy about this list is that it’s a way for me to speak directly to you. It’s something I’ve never gotten to do … Read More

Women, Beware!

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I wanted to share some thoughts on an experience I recently had. I received a call from two producers on the Dr. Phil show. They wanted me to come on and discuss The Game and the community with Dr. Phil. However, the more I talked to them, the more it seemed like a set-up. So I declined. Instead, they got … Read More

Life Lessons From Bozo the Clown

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Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 I’m writing because, today, I lost a good friend, Larry Harmon. Larry passed away this morning at the age of 83. Larry was best known for having portrayed Bozo the Clown for 50 years, while franchising the character across the globe. We had planned to publish a book on his life, The World According to … Read More

Why You Should Read Fiction

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I realized this when my agent told me he represented a book that had been nominated for the National Book Award. Despite its critical acclaim, it had sold, he said, only two thousand copies. Afterward, I was talking to my publicist at HarperCollins. And she was discussing how it was nearly impossible for a first-time novelist to get significant press. … Read More