• The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

    The best-selling autobiography of America’s most controversial celebrity icon, Marilyn Manson.

    In his twenty-nine years, rock idol Manson has experienced more than most people have (or would want to) in a lifetime. Now, in his shocking and candid memoir, he takes readers from backstage to gaol cells, from recording studios to emergency rooms, from the pit of despair to the top of the charts, and recounts his metamorphosis from a frightened Christian schoolboy into the most feared and revered music superstar in the country. Illustrated with dozens of exclusive photographs and featuring a behind-the-scenes account of his headline-grabbing Dead to the World tour.

    “By turns moving, funny, appalling and disturbing. . . . There has never been anything like it.”

    - Rolling Stone

    “Unimaginably perverse and demented.”

    - Newsweek

    “Fascinating, sleazy account of his coming of age and ascent into damnation.”

    - Us

    “If the Marquis de Sade had a son in a hard-rock band who wrote a book. This would be the book.”

    - Christian Science Monitor

    “Repulsive . . . well-written and uncommonly addictive.”

    - Chicago Sun-Times

    “Nothing short of captivating in all its intentional, over-the-top bad taste.”

    - Edge

    “Amusing. . . . Lots of sex, bondage, drugs, intrigue and mental decay.”

    - Village Voice

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