6 Ways To Play The Game Like James Bond

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James Bond has been a role model for me almost my entire life. I often turn to him when I need motivation or inspiration, especially when it comes to the social arts.

Earlier this week, I was watching Goldfinger, one of my favorite Bond flicks. And I was thinking about what made him so interesting to me. Aside from the guns, cars, money, and travel – what was it about him that I enjoyed so much?

One reason is that, socially, he is able to convey strength in many different ways: He’s to-the-point, he knows what he wants, he follows his own rules, and he’s never indecisive.

I decided it would be fun to explore a few ways to convey strength socially, so that you too can start building a James Bond-level of charisma.

Have preferences

Know exactly what you like and what you want. If someone asks you about a preference – like your favorite drink, movie, or band – have an answer.  If you find yourself saying, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure,” then I suggest taking some time to find out what your preference on that topic might be.

Here are some topics to start with:

  • Favorite beer
  • Favorite wine
  • Favorite liquor
  • Favorite movie
  • Favorite band
  • Favorite restaurant
  • Favorite bar

Have reasons for your views and preferences

You should know why you like what you like. Be sure that you have a reason for each one of your preferences. Tell a story, and give a few examples that explain your preference. This will not only show strength, but also help boost your value.

Stick to your guns

If she doesn’t like one of your preferences, don’t change your opinion to match hers.  Small differences build tension, and give you opportunities to tease each other later on.

Make a decision

When moments of confusion or indecision arise, be the one to make a decision for the group.  Even if it’s not the best plan, it’s better than letting the group’s energy drop due to indecision.

Have personal rules

Let people know that there are some things you won’t tolerate. Be sure that you also know why you won’t tolerate those things; be sure they’re good reasons.   “Because I said so,” is not acceptable. For instance, I don’t mind a girl who smokes, but I won’t let anyone do it in my car or house.

Be a leader of men

Here are a few ways to show your leadership skills. First, practice speaking clearly and with authority and second, use storytelling to let people know about a time you’ve taken charge and led people.

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15 Comments on “6 Ways To Play The Game Like James Bond”

  1. LOVE me some James Bond.

    Also love the “stick to your guns” advice. I realize you’re specifically addressing this to men, but I’ve known a lot of girls who pretended to like things just to impress a guy. Not only is that stupid, it’s detrimental to your personal well-being and your relationship.

  2. This is some great advice to start figuring yourself out.. How can a girl like you if you don’t even know who you are and what YOU like?

    Knowing your favorite show, movie, food, Places to Visit.. Will give you a stronger frame..

    Get down to the details..

    You’ll come to find out that most girls.. don’t even know what THEY like.. so when they meet someone with such a strong frame.. they will get sucked in

  3. I like the one about making decisions. Usually, when in a new group of acquaintances (or when you’re meeting a girl for the first time), most guys will steer away from the responsibility of decision making so that they a) don’t come off as ‘bossy’, b) don’t have to be the one who possibly made the wrong choice.

    Taking the consecutive lead in those situations is rewarding because people will look to you when in doubt. You become they’re go-to-guy, even if it’s a group of random strangers who’ve only known each other for 15 minutes. This is instant and legit social proof. But sometimes being the leader also means realizing that your decision was wrong. Fortunately, the majority of people will still turn to you because you DID something which leads me to this article’s great point: “Even if it’s not the best plan, it’s better than letting the group’s energy drop due to indecision.”

    1. amazing point, sometimes its good to be considerate and hear what other want to do, but other times you’ve gotta take the bull by the horns and lead the way when others dont.

  4. I <3 Sean Connery.

    Great article. Using James Bond as a reference points is what elevates these topics from mundane time filler to awesome way of showing personality and originality.

    If your favorite restaurant is TGIFridays because you love riblets or some such food matter, that is not nearly as useful as telling her about how your favorite pub used to be a speakeasy or mob hangout.

    Talking about how you only like to sit at a restaurant that has multiple exits or how the only person you trust not to poison your drink is the bartender at that pub. It all stays consistent with the fun James Bond theme.

    1. hopefully your restaurant in question is in another country. a ‘hmm its a toss up between the one in (country1) where they serve great (insert your favourite) and (country 2) where the people are just amazing
      should add some DHV spikes. try not to say something local

  5. CONFIDENCE, CHARISMA, CHARM!!!! Thats all I have to say about that.

    “Act as if…..”

    Perception is reality and thoughts lead to manifestation.

    That is where your “swagger” comes from!

    1. I always thought the Bond Method was to be drop lots of innuendos. Also in Geoff Thompsons book, dead or alive I think or maybe another, anyway he says something like – women, very small children and animals are all drawn to and mesmerized by truly tough hard men and weaker men are not. Bond has the tough aura because deep inside he is truly hard as nails.

      examples of Bonds innuendos

      Honey Ryder: Looking for shells?
      Bond: No. I’m just looking.


      Bond: Moneypennny, let me tell you the secret of the world.

      Bond: Red wine with fish…Well that should have told me something.


      Tanya: I think my mouth is too big!
      Bond: It’s just the right size… for me that is.


      Bond: Who are you?
      P*ssy: My name is P*ssy Galore.
      Bond: (pauses) I must be dreaming


      (after entering Paula’s room and nudging the bathroom door open with his foot.)
      Fiona: Oh!
      Bond: Hello
      Fiona: Aren’t you in the wrong room, Mr. Bond?
      Bond: Not from where I’m standing.


      Tracy: Suppose I were to kill you for a thrill?
      Bond: I can think of something more sociable to do.


      Bond: That’s a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing!
      Tiffany: I’ll finish dressing.
      Bond: Oh please don’t, not on my account.


      Bond: I tend to notice little things like that–whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette…
      Tiffany: And which do you prefer?
      Bond: Well, as long as the collars and cuffs match…(shrugs)


      Female Receptionist: Could I interest you in something?
      Bond: I’m tempted to say yes immediately but I think I’d maybe have a look around.


      Caroline: I enjoy a spirited ride as well as the next girl, but…
      (She’s interrupted by Bond looking away from her. Xenia drives up beside them)
      Caroline: Who’s that?
      Bond: The next girl.


      Bond: Can I expect the pleasure of you in Iceland?
      Miranda Frost: I’m afraid you’ll never have that pleasure, Mr. Bond


        1. Id like to see a bigger list of preferences.

          here are some i could think of off the top of my head:
          authors of books

          if everyone adds to the it could be pretty comprehensive.

  6. James Bond is real man in my fathers time.That day women also stereotype attractive man is ” the James Bond”.

    I am not sure Bond is sexy stereo type for young girls now a days.I mean,it used to be “007 movie” hit all the the time.I have heard from my parents but after some series,it is not that special.

    I believe it still work.I don’t know who is sex symbol of western world.I think like a music so many small categories there.After Michael Jackson,I don’t know the music everybody love it.From young to old.Bond is this category.

  7. I always say my name like it’s the most important one they’ll hear all week. I think Bond does that. I stole it from him.

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