3 Ways to Start Improving Your Game

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One: Learn something new every day.

Start a new hobby. Read a new book. Take a class. The more you know, the more you’ll have to talk about.

Here’s an exercise that I started doing when I first got into the game and still do today. It’s called the “Wiki-a-day Exercise” and it’s great for the guys who complain that they “can’t think of anything to say.”

The Wiki-a-day Exercise:
Read one random Wikipedia article every day, and then bring it up in conversation later that same day. You don’t
have to tell someone new (although it’s preferable). You can bring up the topic with friends, relatives or co-workers. The point of talking about it is to cement the information into your head. After a few months, you’ll be shocked at how much more you know and how much more you have to talk about.

Two: Become an adventurer!

Last week, I met a French girl at a party up in San Francisco. We chatted for a while, and before leaving we friended each other on Facebook. The next morning, I messaged her to see if she wanted to meet up. Within an hour I was on my way to her place. She was waiting at the Muni stop for me. She told me we were going to take her car somewhere. When we got in the car, I asked where we were going and she said, “towards the sun” which is exactly where we went, but not where we ended up. What I thought was going to be a fun afternoon turned into an epic three-day adventure in San Francisco. It included secret secluded beaches, hidden Cliffside bars, and impromptu mountain climbing in expensive shoes. I learned about French culture, found a new band I love, and drank some amazing wine. Plus, now I have a great story to tell.

Get out of the house and explore the world. If you don’t think you have the time or money to travel, don’t worry. You won’t have to go far. Your hometown is a great place to start. Search online or in local papers to find out what’s happening in your area. Build a list of places that interest you and try to mark them off as often as you can by visiting them.

Below is a suggestion for categories you might want on your list:

  • Attractions
  • Events
  • Museums/Historical Sites
  • Restaurants/Bars/Clubs
  • Outdoor Activities

Feel free to build your list however you like. Just remember – get out of the house.

Three: Add value, don’t take it.

This is a lesson Neil taught me when I first moved to LA. If you can bring something valuable to the table, anyone will enjoy having you there. Tell a story, teach them something interesting, or share some personal wisdom. If you don’t think you have much to offer, then refer to the previous lessons.



76 Comments on “3 Ways to Start Improving Your Game”

  1. Great Article – I think these advices will not only improve your game but also improve your life and social interaction!

    1. Agreed. After reading this article I got off my arse and secured a temp job (self-employment has it’s draw backs). I’m going to make an effort to go somewhere other than the pub every weekend.


  2. I’ve been a fan of Neil’s book the Game for a while now, however I was never able to truly implement the lessons that lie within. This weekend I ended up at a bar with George AKA Evolve…not only was he able to help me past my sticking points, but through his advice I was able to get two separate girl’s numbers.I have dates with them this week.

    Needless to say reading this article today will not only improve someone’s game, but help produce what Neil coined in his book, “the BEST version of yourself.”

    I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for the advice, great article.

  3. I have a few friends that are able to offer value in a social setting.. ex. Teaching something they know, sharing a riveting story or giving interesting facts, and they seem to captivate the whole group.

    The wiki a day will really help with getting some cool things to say in some social settings.

    Great article!

    Im going to start building my adventure list!

  4. I’ve been doing something like this since I got my kindle, and it’s worked out great! Not so much the hobbies thing. . I have a bad habit of scratching the surface of lots of different things but never really becoming amazing at any of them.

  5. I’ve been doing the first part without noticing myself and its excellent way to introduce new stuff!.

    I use “OMG FACTS” or “Facts website”, take out the interesting ones you like!(I know this sounds disgusting but i think if am not wrong there is one about sperm helping whitening your teeth and used to relay secret messages in the old times, but hey the more you know!)

    There is also “news of the weird” which are great Unique news stories to tell and read. There was news about a research of scientist who believed if there was a Zombie Apocalypse we would all die.

    The last one is the Wikipedia, but you cover it.
    3 years ago i invented a theory when trying to talk to people, this includes anyone. Its called the Wikipedia theory, when you talk to someone link ideas with the article you read.

    Ex:Your talking about rapiers, you link it used by prince, you talk about childhood prince, childhood prince relates to childhood dream, Childhood relate him to jobs, jobs relate where she wanna goes, Where she goes relates to why. Its like the part where it says “see also”!

    Am an “AFC” by the way, so any tips on kino escalation kiss closing or f-closing would help! Thanks have an awesome day!

  6. I love the wiki-a-day idea. There is nothing more attractive than an intelligent, engaging man. Adventure is a must too. Building intrigue and excitement takes things to the next level for sure.

    Fabian, you are totally right. It’s important for people to differentiate themselves and find a way to stand out. Growing as a person will naturally make you look, feel, and therefore be more attractive.

    Awesome article, George!

  7. I took a lot from this exercise and I found what I learned came up easily in conversation, something I thought would be more difficult.

    The first thing I looked up was an article on Humphrey Bogart. In conversation this started a nice tangent about iconic men’s fashion and classical beauties, like Ingrid Bergman and Audrey Hepburn.

    I also looked up my birthday and found some significant events that took place, one of which being a french-canadian formula one racer who died that die. I’d like to think we passed by each other upon my arrival. During drinks with some co-workers I suggested everybody should find the most interesting historical event to happen on their birthday.

    Thanks for the worthwhile practice.

  8. George that is a amazing idea bro….
    Like you said not only are you bringing more to the table conversation wise, you are also gaining more knowledge and improving youself.At the end of the day thats what its all about…Im going to start right now.

    Cheers Bro.

  9. great article. I started doing a similar thing with bands since I hang out with a lot of musicians(im a drummer myself). I always have a new book im reading aswell. I will be starting the wiki technique right after i post this lol.


  10. I have done this previous to this post. You are so right when it comes to tell interesting things and stories. The best way is to research and what better way than to start with Wikipedia……
    Any way thanks for the post, Will keep on doing this.

  11. Great work, this kind of articles describe the main idea. How to become a social artist. =D .Good job.

  12. I also think getting very good at a useless skill is good. think juggling, tight rope walking, whistling or painting portraits…

      1. Great idea VladLiss! I’ve practiced bar flair in my bartending days and this adds to mystery, which women love.
        It makes me think of Groundhog Day where Bill Murray learns to throw cards into a hat and ice sculpts.

  13. Ive been doing all of these before i read this article =D

    I ended up chillin with some homeless when i was at the ‘green party’ wrap up party tonight, the one guy mentioned a ’24 hours of homelessness’ exercise that he runs through his church.. i gave him my number to sign me up 🙂

    it was also a great sarge night for me, i got the candidate i voted for ‘s number, she is 20 and super cute =)

    mPUA in the works here

  14. Step 1 and 2 are simple enough for me to work on, but I need more help when it comes to step 3.

    The art of story telling is something I’ve been struggling with for most of my life. I’m a great listener and I’m good at asking the right questions creating good rapport, but I’d like to throw in stories of my experiences that really wow my dates or a group of people at a party.

    Does anyone know where I can learn how to tell a great story?

    1. My suggestion is to start by writing one or two of your stories out and giving them a definitive beginning or end.

      Then ask your self what the point of the story is; When in conversation you might tell it; and the reason you’d tell it.

      For instance I have a story about my time in China. I tell it when someone brings up travel; I tell it when I want to build value for myself, and I tell it because it’s funny, and show’s that I’m adventurous.

      1. That’s true. Good suggestion. I’ll have to make a word document of stories and hopefully they’ll stay in my head next time I chill with people.

    2. I it is important to capture some of the details of the place that you are are in and how you are feeling. For example, lets say you are talking about fishing, (this may seem boring at first but if you think about the little details you can create a story that will actually draw you’re audience in.) you might talk about relaxing on a boat in the middle of the lake, casual sipping some beer with a friend and enjoying the warmth of the sun etc, etc. By doing this, you will come across more articulate and as someone who has something to say.

      As George says you need to think about the point of it: are you trying to make your audience laugh, cry or give them insight about a place they have never been or an activity that they have never tried.

      A good test to try out is to practice the story first on a friend and see if you are grabbing their attention, then if you feel confident about it, tell it to a stranger.

      Anyway, I hope all this helps. I think everyone has interesting stories to tell – it’s just that we sometimes fail to capture the thing that makes them interesting.

      1. Also, the pacing of your story and how you tell it with crescendos and body language emphasizing key points is really what brings a story to life. Something like 75% of what you say is related via body language, 20% via tonality, and only 5% is relayed by the words you speak.

        What this means is if you tell the story in a robot voice, no inflections or pauses, going from point A to Z in as short amount of time as possible, you are going to fail in capturing attention. Mainly just annoy those you are speaking to, leaving them with the feeling of ‘where is the point to this/punchline?’

        Something that really helped me learn how to tell engaging stories was listening to stand up comedians on netflix, and seeing them live whenever the chance arises. Capturing the attention of the whole audience with a stupid story about God only knows what, and the whole crowd goes nuts – because of how he told it.

        Excellent Article BTW!!!! I just surf random things on Google News, the random Wiki article sounds like a much better, and interesting, idea. Thanks!

  15. As a woman, I couldn’t agree more with this article! Most men I have dated have one main interest: video games. It’s wonderful that you are level 60 in World of Warcraft and all, but what ELSE have you done lately?

    Being interesting and curious is better than having tons of money or great looks – to me anyway.

    1. I do too! Sometimes it’s hard to read articles I’m not interested in, but I see the benefit of doing it.

  16. The Wiki-a-day idea is great, I’ve been doing something similar with IMDB, finding popular actors and figuring out which things they’ve been in and bring it up when those actors are talked about.

  17. Brilliant. 3 of the quickest, easiest ways to make yourself more interesting. You will also be invincible at Trival Pursuit after about 6 months.

  18. thanks for the great advice, that wiki-a-day exercise sounds really good and great for social interaction

  19. Great reading! Thanks alot!

    Just to contribute a little bit:
    Another way to find some random stuff to talk about is http://www.stumbleupon.com – where you can customize it for your interests, but also pick out some stuff you’d like to discover some new things about. It’s cool stuff, there’s always something new and interesting.

  20. i’d like to add:

    do something physical every day.

    try this, start with 5 pushups, 5 pullups, 5 lunges every morning. add one rep every day, go for 60 days. after 60 days, either keep going or pick some new exercises and start over. I always feel better and more confident/easy going when i am improving physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

      1. I like this idea. I do something similar throughout the day. As I am in an office all day, I actually set my alarm on my phone for 10am and 2pm to remind myself to do a set of pushups and squats. Keeps the blood flowing and clears the haze that builds up from staring a computer screen 90% of your day.

  21. Brilliant. For myself I love learning and sharing knowledge. It really is a great feeling to see a persons face when they have learnt something new.

    Get out there. Have no fear. I was just born that way which lead to many, many adventures. Keep it up.

  22. I forgot one thing, try and see the sun rise in the morning if you can. Brings a whole new start to your day…

  23. George I couldn’t agree more. And isn’t that what “The Game” is all about anyway… being your best self. That’s what I took from it more than anything else. Breaking your routine, expanding your social flexibility, extending your comfort zone, exploring everything this world has to offer. Increasing your interests will obviously result in increasing how interesting you are. All of these things will increase the ammount and quality of all types of social interactions leading to a much more fulfilling lifestyle.

  24. If anyone’s looking for a book as an alternative to the wiki-a-day, or just as a nice complement to your history, philosophy, art, and music knowledge, “An Incomplete Education” by Judy Jones and William Wilson is an excellent choice.

  25. This is a great article. After traveling around for a few years, I’ve learned that just walking around a city can offer fun opportunities.

  26. i agree with fabian but if your from a third world country like South Africa in a small town called mthatha slowly developing you will find that there aren’t enough places to visit

  27. These are great tips.

    I do have a caveat though. I know plenty of useless stuff and have had some fantastic adventures so tidbits aren’t the issue and shouldn’t be for you…

    It’s crafting them into an Emotionally Engaging Story…that’s the trick…

    Pace and tension. That’s what I’m working on…and of course there’s……open loops!

  28. Hi, I read The Game for the first time last week having been recommended it. I like the ideas and suggestions and have no doubt that they work, however, I am finding i hard to get in The Game. 26 years of sitting on the outside looking in is hard to shake.

    Anybody got some suggestions for me to start my journey? I’m struggling to get my foot in the door.


  29. I will definitely try this stuff, thanks for the suggestion! They all sound like fail-proof tactics.

  30. Love te Advice in this article… Any suggestions on how you could get people to join you in these random adventures????

  31. I remember what said Cosmo on an iterview for the Pick up artist on vh1….This is not just Pick up …this is building a life.
    After that …promise land are yours!

  32. I think above all, the last five works of section 2 are a potent summation. Even if it’s to read a book, get out, go somewhere. There’s fish in the sea, not the beach house.

  33. This is so true. I find that I’m reluctant to go out if I don’t have a friend to accompany me.

  34. it sounds good the first two is worth thr try but the third is a must in game or else you also loses your confidance and if you loose that no more game.
    it will help you with your life style aswell coz
    knowledge is power! ! !

  35. Ive just recently begun the whole seduction thing and it has greatly improved my game!! Thanks style. you opened the door for a whole new me to help just the old me!

  36. yoo neil i would like to no all the all the books dat you read about flirtin,nlp,tantric massage,female sexual fantasies, hand writting annalysis and how to be the jerk woman love

    1. I can’t believe how much I took this article for granted when I first read it!

      In order for a woman, or anyone else for that matter, to want to be a part of your life, YOU MUST HAVE ONE!

      Most major cities have magazines, like The Reader here in San Diego, which have a great variety of fun activities going on around your city, most of which are free and offer great opportunities to make new friends and HELLOOOOOO! have a new interesting story to tell that HB over there! (goodbye awkward silences!)

      I understand that it can be intimidating sometimes to go out and try some new things, especially if you’re like myself who doesn’t have any really close friends to have accompany you, but hey!…have we not been constantly reminded of the fact that in order to improve yourself you MUST step out of your comfort zone?…PUT YOUR ASS OUT THERE!

      sometimes some of this stuff seems elementary, and most of us seem to forget it somewhere along the way…if it weren’t for the GAME and this wonderful website most of us would have lived less fulfilling lives for having forgotten this stuff…

      BEST PART!:
      “Add value, don’t take it”, live by it bitches!

  37. i’m a new recruit in the seduction community.it all started when i first read about neil and bought a copy of the game.honestly i took it because i wanted to become some sort of khalifa who could seduce women with his magical powers.but the more i’m getting to know the brotherhood the more i’m trying to learn about game i realized it’s more than pulling women for sexual adventures.it’s about self improvement and polishing our hidden talents .it’s a motivation to thrive for something and then master various skills that makes us elite or alpha in the society.
    my heartiest thanks neil(style)

  38. Meetup is a great way to find similarly interested people around activities you want to learn or can do. I haven’t personally been to any events but a friend who lives in LA goes to Meetup events quite regularly.

  39. Nice, all part being a well rounded person with a variety of hobbies and interests. Kinda like a spider web, Women are the……flies?

  40. This is fucking gold, and I’ve slept with a lot of good looking broads even before I read this shit!

  41. Dude by writing this artical you already use your 3rd advice. But indeed it’s great artical. Thanks for sharing mate.

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