3 Reasons Why You Should Never Forget To Smile

Neil StraussNeil, The Game

You’re out in your favorite bar. You see an attractive woman standing with a group of friends. Seconds later you walk by and turn your head over your shoulder and ask them a question. You tell them you can’t stay long and that you only need to ask them because you’re in an argument with your friends. You turn at just the right time and your voice is loud enough for the whole group to hear you.

They get uncomfortable and seem unresponsive. The perfect opener, yet for some reason the set doesn’t open.

It’s possible that the answer was simply forgetting to smile.


If You Don’t Smile, You’re A Threat

One of the reasons we as humans smile is to indicate to our clansmen that we are friends, not foe. In other words, a sincere smile shows people that you are non-threatening as well as friendly and playful. So, when you approach a set of beautiful women and don’t have a smile on your face, their ancient mental circuitry tells them that you are a threat. It tells them that their cave guys should kill you before you harm anyone. While you’re probably not going to get killed nowadays, the idea is still the same – if you smile, then you’re less likely to seem threatening and more likely to open a group.

No Smile Means Less Value

Smiling, as well as laughing, are signals to people that you are happy. Women will notice when guys aren’t smiling or laughing in a night club. Remember to smile before you approach. It’s important that you’re not smiling for her – you’re smiling for you.

Smiling Is Catchy

Real smiles are subconsciously generated. Yout brain sends out a number of signals when you feel something pleasurable that activate muscles around your mouth as well as your eyes and forehead. These muscles are activated only when you’re really smiling. They cannot be consciously activated. A fake/forced smile only uses the muscles around the mouth. Real smiles trigger real reactions in others.

If you give off a genuine smile, then you will receive a genuine smile. Next time you’re out with your friends and something extremely funny happens, turn your head and make eye contact with a girl. You’ll notice that she smiles back. Once other people grin because you’re smiling, then they’re in your frame. You’re controlling the group and you’re the one that has the gorgeous women standing around you smiling genuine beautiful smiles.

Remember that smiling is something that should happen naturally. So when you’re out, smile first, then let her see you. As you become more successful and more confident, you’ll find yourself smiling more. If you find yourself in the field and you can’t turn a real smile on, then here is a tool to find a real authentic smile:

Fake it, but while you’re faking it, recall some past experiences that made you smile. You’ll notice that a fake smile will turn into a real smile. Turn and open the closest group of people while you have that real smile on your face.

Smile so that people know that you are confident, comfortable, and authentic. More importantly, smile because it feels good.