How To Use Adventure To Build Your Value

EvolveThe Game

One of my favorite ways to build value is to talk about experiences I’ve had while traveling. If you haven’t done much traveling, start immediately.

If you’re on a budget or one who simply has trouble finding the time to travel, remember this: You don’t need to go far to have an adventure – start with your own town and move outward.

1. Find all the interesting local spots that make your town or city interesting.

2. Drive or take public transportation to the nearest city – and explore it alone. Traveling solo is one of the ways that I learned to get out of my shell. Simply having to ask for directions or suggestions forced me to meet people and navigate unfamiliar territory, which helped me build my confidence. It also got me laid a few times.

3. If you have a few bucks to spend, try booking a cheap flight somewhere you’ve never been. Use websites like to find locals to stay with for free.

Once you start traveling, you can leverage the experiences to build value. Like every other method of building value, there are guidelines that will help you to optimize the way you use your travels in set:

  • Don’t brag about traveling. Tell a story that involves the places you went. Saying that you travel a lot or that you’ve been all over the world can be intimidating to some people or come off as bragging. Including travels within your stories helps to create a worldly identity for yourself and conveys that your life is full of adventure.
  • Ask people where they’ve gone and listen to their stories. Ask them questions about the places they’ve visited. Especially if you haven’t been there. You never know what could happen. I’ve had Day Twos end up as crazy traveling adventures just because I showed enthusiasm about places the girls I met had been.
  • Don’t talk technicalities about the city, tell stories about what you’ve learned from the city. Telling her facts about the city is tedious, but telling her how the culture changed your mind about certain opinions you had or gave you a new perspective on the world is attractive.

If you need some ideas for places to travel, here’s a great new list from The New York Times: 45 Places to Go in 2012.