Learn The Rules Of The Game: Rule One

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Rule One: Don’t Look Into The Light

Every instinct you have as a healthy, red-blooded male must be repressed the moment you walk into a room if you want to successfully meet women.

Standing in the entranceway is that blonde in the two-sizes-too-small t-shirt that reads: “I stole your boyfriend.” If you look towards the stairs, you just might catch a glimpse underneath that brunette’s skirt. Then there’s that woman alone in the corner who you want to examine closer to determine if she’s attractive or not.

Don’t do it.

The club, the bar, the café – wherever you go to meet women – is a performance. You are always being watched. As soon as you start staring, evaluating, or ogling any girl in front of you, you have just disqualified yourself to every woman behind you.

The reason is not just because you appear creepy and desperate, but also because you and your friends don’t appear to be interesting, fun, or worth meeting. A man who is successfully with women generally doesn’t drool every time one passes by.

Here’s the key to going out: Everyone wants to be with the most popular person in the room. However, since most groups in the room don’t know the others, all you really need is to create the illusion of being popular in that moment.

So as soon as you walk in, don’t get caught looking around and not having fun. Be engrossed in an animated conversation with your friends, because your friends are the funniest, most interesting people in the room. Smile, laugh, and make attention-getting gestures. You’re not there to meet women, or so it appears. You’re there because you enjoy each other’s company.

And then, when out of the corner of your eye you notice that girl in the “I stole your boyfriend” baby tee, you wheel around and start a conversation.

She was wondering when you’d notice.


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