12 Ways You Can Be A Great Pickup Artist Without Saying A Word

Neil StraussThe Game

I can’t tell you how many times that I am asked how to run the Game despite a language barrier.

Once again, the answer comes from Neil’s archives…


Style writes:

Here, never posted before, is my PICK UP WITHOUT words routine. enjoy all.

1. Do you speak English?

A. If yes, do regular opener.

B. If no, do regular opener.

  • If they understand opener, continue
  • If they don’t understand, go to #2 below

2. Do cologne opener (gesturing rather than speaking), with marks on wrist.

3. Thank her, then show her something visual: a cigarette vanish or arm-twisting illusion.

4. If she is a good sport, draw a picture of her on your notepad. Express positive feelings about her energy in it, visually. Draw an arrow pointing it to her.

5. Give her the notebook. As she turns it around, cross out arrow and point it in the other direction (so that it is still towards her).

6. Now give her a pencil and a fresh page.

7. If she doesn’t write anything, make yawn gesture. If yes, cool.

8. Introduce yourself, gesture that her hands are soft. Put them against your face.

9. Have her feel the softness of your hands.

10. Look in her eyes, and kiss her hand, working your way up. Always look in eyes between each kiss.

11. If rejected, retreat jokingly with kisses (all the way down the arm, Bug Bunny-style, like a film being played backwards very fast). If accepted, kiss.

12. Fractionate if you want by modifying drawings and kino and magic and jokes.

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