The Art of Seduction Versus Pickup Artistry

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Below are the primary differences between standard seduction techniques and methods set forth in The Art of Seduction. Standard techniques can almost always be seen as a practical application of an AoS principle:

STANDARD: Techniques focus on short-term applications only (ie: the “bar pickup”)
AoS: Techniques focus on long-term seductions

STANDARD: Generally requires a small time investment per target.
AoS: Requires a SUBSTANTIAL time investment per target (ie: making files for your targets to uncover their psychological profile)

STANDARD: Never break the rules.
AoS: Apply the rule to the situation – there are very few rules that can’t be broken.

STANDARD: Shotgun approach used to quickly get random hotties into your bed.
AoS: Long-term techniques only to be used on women that threaten to turn you into an AFC.

STANDARD: Avoid emotional commitment, little danger of emotional backlash.
AoS: Emotional backlash will DEFINITELY affect the seducer. Requires substantial self-control.

STANDARD: Avoid AFC moves at all costs.
AoS: Avoid “anti-seductive” moves at all costs. Certain tactics are used on occasion that would definitely be considered AFC.

STANDARD: Goal is ONS and FB relationships.
AoS: Goal is M/LTR relationships.

STANDARD: Time frame is 25 minutes to perhaps 2 weeks.
AoS: Time frame is weeks to months, even years.

STANDARD: Great for getting #/*/f-closes.
AoS: Not very useful for this.

STANDARD: Techniques don’t really cover relationships that move beyond a date or two.
AoS: Very good strategies for sustaining and escalating relationships.

STANDARD: Focus is on attracting her to you.
AoS: Focus is on making her fall deeply in love with you.

STANDARD: Quick demonstrations of value and sexuality, combined with disinterest. Time frame: 25 minutes.
AoS: Same. Time Frame: 25 minutes – weeks.

STANDARD: Constant debate about optimum proportion of EV vs. Admiration stories.
AoS: Massive EV done to discover deep psychological needs of targets. Impressive efforts are made to demonstrate (not just tell) these values. These efforts grow over time.

STANDARD: Lots of peacocking and “standing out.”
AoS: The seducer chooses a well-known “standard” identity (businessman, hacker, artist, etc) but layers on top of it an incongruent identity that compels the target to dig deeper.

STANDARD: Little technique on how to properly seduce the target through the written word.
AoS: The written word (ie: ‘love letters’ and poetry) are considered an integral part of the seduction. Specific principles are outlined.

STANDARD: Seems to work better on intelligent women.
AoS: Purposely designed to work on intelligent women.

STANDARD: Intended for use by men.
AoS: Intended for use by men and women.

STANDARD: tends to encourage superficial/sexual relationships.
AoS: tends to encourage deep relationships. Some techniques can be considered downright EVIL if used on a target you don’t really care about.

STANDARD: Anything goes, as long as you aren’t AFC.
AoS: Anything goes, as long as you aren’t being anti-seductive.

STANDARD: Focus on “alphaness” and an attitude of “I don’t need you as much as you need me”
AoS: Similar, although the techniques sometimes call for intense declarations of your deep feelings for your target, especially in later stages. The more intense the declaration, the more distant the subsequent “takeaway” is.

STANDARD: An incredible array of very specific tactics
AoS: 24+ general strategies arranged in chronological order (more or less). Standard techniques can almost always be seen as a practical application of an AoS principle. Also, numerous techniques buried in the book that are not found at all in the Standard materials.

STANDARD: “one-size-fits-all” seduction (more or less)
AoS: Seduction is tailored specifically for the target, includes exposition of 18 seduction types.

STANDARD: Can use all the time, many times per day.
AoS: The full array of techniques can only be put into practice occasionally due to the lack of suitable seduction targets.

STANDARD: Little info on how to end a relationship
AoS: Entire chapter on how to end or integrate a relationship after the initial seduction is complete.