My publishers would kill me if they found out about this.

(Sorry, Michael.)

Hey guys,

I just finished the final proofread of The Truth as we opened up the AMA on ProductHunt.

What The Game was to dating, The Truth is to relationships. Not just to relationships with others, but to the most important relationship in your life: with yourself.

It’s also a painfully honest account of a life crisis that led to the wildest adventures and biggest transformation I’ve ever experienced.

Unfortunately, I am not the hero for most of this book. I am the villain.

So what I’m about to share has to stay between us. My publishers might kill me if it doesn’t.


The world deserves to know The Truth.

That’s why I’m pulling back the curtain and leaking the first chapters entirely for free.

And I appreciate so much the way you’ve all made so many entrepreneurs’ dreams come true, that this is exclusive for Product Hunt users only.

Plug in your best email address below and I’ll immediately send you a PDF of the first chapters of The Truth. No one else has seen these outside of my publisher and my closest friends:

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I’ve given you the first few chapters… Ready for more?

How would you like me to be part of a book discussion group led by me? We’ll discuss The Truth together. I’ll even expand on the book’s concepts and personally answer any questions you have.

To make this even more special… How would you like a limited-edition signed plate for the inside of your copy of The Truth?

Because you’re a Product Hunt user, I’m giving you both for free when you pre-order The Truth.

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