Help A Sister Out: How Do I Let Him Know How I Feel?

Hi Neil, I’ve been following the stories on your website and, even knowing that each individual and each situation is unique, fuck it, I need help. I found something worst than the friend zone: the brother/sister zone. A few months ago I met...

Help A Brother Out: Is Rejection Normal For A PUA

Dear Neil, One of your last “Help A Brother Out” posts inspired me to write to you. It’s a bit similar but at the same time different. I’m 31. I have been a part of the community for about 5 years, on and off, and have had some success. But...

Think Like A Lady, Fuck Like A Man – Part 2

Today’s guest bloggers, Lina Lecaro and Susan Hyatt, give us a fascinating look at the female response to male desires. Lina is a Los Angeles based journalist whose work has been featured in LA Weekly. Susan is the singer/songwriter of the...


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