Throwing An Emotional Boomerang

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This is the latest article from Neil… In one of my weekly coaching groups…A member recently confessed to being stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage. They had exciting, clearly defined goals for the month. But after taking a few small steps, they’d get distracted and prevent themselves from going any further…  Which is a place I think we’ve all been. Whenever … Read More

The Front Matter

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Now on to our second and bonus lesson.. I realized I needed to stop taking the damn words so seriously, and I finished my first novel–A dream I set for myself when I was just a little boy. I felt like I was learning from someone that understood why the writing matters. Someone who appreciates the art. And I learned … Read More

Don’t Try This At Home

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I took note of what tools and moments generated the biggest insights and excitement in life and in my writing…      
Until now, I’ve never revealed why I use these tools… You might have noticed that several of my books begin with a disclaimer…  This, I realized, is the same as the idea of “anticipating objections” when meeting people, … Read More

Surrender To Art

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I want to talk briefly about a sticking point I’m noticing.   One thing I’m noticing, though, is that there is a tendency, drilled into us since childhood, to always think and plan ahead.   This may not be true for writing and art.   Think of art more as meditation. the goal is to surrender to the moment, to be in the … Read More

The Importance Of Rest and Stress

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Once upon a time I talked about the importance of rest and stress… Because managing that balance has an impact far more than it may seem.In addition to impacting your health and immunity, stress lowers your emotional and psychological capacity.Your capacity to perform well, to think clearly, and to handle pressure, conflict, and your hot buttons. When we’re more prone … Read More

The Importance Of Disengaging

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Things have been crazy lately. I’ve been on hiatus for a few weeks, to focus on hitting a big book deadline.
And these stretches have consistently been the most all-consuming, stressful periods of my life. While working around the clock, I felt inspired to share an idea with you that’s very different from what we usually cover. I’ve talked a lot … Read More

6 Levels of Change

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This is a much older article from Neil on change…This is usually not enough. I’ve been wanting to write a series on a concept that is fundamental to The Truth. That series begins today. I’m going to slowly walk you into it, because every single person can benefit from this. However, not everyone is ready to hear it. What we’re … Read More

The Meaning Of Life, The Secret To Happiness, and Killing Zombies

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This is a much older article from Neil regarding life… —————————————————————— THE MEANING OF LIFE AND THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS —————————————————————— When I was in high school, I had a teacher who gave us a reading list of the best works of literature in the world. Number one on that list was the Bible. So during summer break, I decided … Read More

A thousand small improvements

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  Here’s Neil’s latest tip on writing… I wanted to share an insight that has freed many writers who were blocked. It’s easy to write, but it’s exhausting to doubt yourself. When you set over-thinking aside, and just show up to do the work, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. When you simply start writing words without judgment, follow the … Read More

Trauma At Work

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This is a much older article from Neil on life…. We all have a “core wound” from our childhood that we can heal to improve our lives and relationships – especially our relationship with ourself. The first step of doing this is to identify the wound. One way to do this is to look at our childhood experiences. But another, … Read More