Becoming Unstuck


Over the years, we’ve been on quite a journey together. Whether it’s through books, emails, or various programs, we’ve evolved in our own ways, shaped by our interests and resources.

When I started coaching, my focus was on seminars. The idea was simple: gather everyone in a room for a weekend, share my knowledge, and watch lives improve. Sometimes it worked, but often people left excited only to forget everything once back home.

So, I formed The Society—a remarkable community of accomplished individuals dedicated to personal and global improvement. The journey was incredible, forging lifelong friendships and connections.

However, as we grew, something became clear. Despite four amazing events a year with influential speakers and intense experiences, there was still something missing. With a hundred people in the group, I didn’t get to know everyone on a deep level.

To address this, we experimented with sub-groups, conducting small, intimate coaching sessions. This allowed me to connect with each member regularly, delving into their lives, applying teachings to everyday challenges, and fostering breakthroughs.

Through consistent engagement, members confronted denial, faced truth, and became “unstuck.” Yet, I missed the seminar learning—the chance to share powerful tools and deliver experiential exercises.


Our deepest wounds take time to heal, and a year-long commitment could be the key.