Becoming Unstuck


Over the years, we’ve been on quite a journey together. Whether it’s through books, emails, or various programs, we’ve evolved in our own ways, shaped by our interests and resources. When I started coaching, my focus was on seminars. The idea was simple: gather everyone in a room for a weekend, share my knowledge, and watch lives improve. Sometimes it … Read More

The Self Sabotage Cycle


Here’s the latest article from Neil on dealing with self sabotage A student of mine recently confessed to being stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage. They had exciting, clearly defined goals for the month. But after taking a few small steps, they’d get distracted and prevent themselves from going any further… Which is a place I think we’ve all been.Whenever someone … Read More

Honor Confidentiality

Richard ArthurBooks, Challenge, Writing

This is the latest article from Neil… To continue supporting as many as I can in finishing your books, and other projects, I want to share a few extra lessons I’ve learned recently before we continue our regularly scheduled programming here. This tip has applications far beyond writing, so read on for the bigger takeaway.    I took note of … Read More

Changing the Frame

Richard ArthurAdvice

This is the latest article from Neil on expanding your mental frame. If you want to take a situation, problem, or experience, and expand your mental frame to create a new interpretation of it, read on below: One more big idea from NLP I want to share with you… In NLP, it’s called: Reframing. Reframing is about taking a situation, … Read More

Do You Know How to Tie a Knot?: Part I

afrankelSurvival, Survival Skills, Urban Survival Skills

It Could Save Your Life – Crucial Knots & Their Applications Knots are essential to survive in the outdoors, in emergency situations, and is required to sail a boat and remain afloat. Knowing which knots to tie and how to properly perform the actions can mean the difference between security and safety or death. Knowing how to tie a knot … Read More