Changing the Frame

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This is the latest article from Neil on expanding your mental frame. If you want to take a situation, problem, or experience, and expand your mental frame to create a new interpretation of it, read on below: One more big idea from NLP I want to share with you… In NLP, it’s called: Reframing. Reframing is about taking a situation, … Read More

Do You Know How to Tie a Knot?: Part I

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It Could Save Your Life – Crucial Knots & Their Applications Knots are essential to survive in the outdoors, in emergency situations, and is required to sail a boat and remain afloat. Knowing which knots to tie and how to properly perform the actions can mean the difference between security and safety or death. Knowing how to tie a knot … Read More

How To Build A Fire Pit

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The Essentials to Safer & Longer Lasting Fires Fires are essential for surviving in almost any environment. Fire is required to purify water, cook food, create warmth, signal for help, and protection from wildlife. Therefore it is essential to learn the various methods of constructing fires.

How To Make A Homemade Stretcher

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There are times when you need a stretcher, such as when you need to carry a body (dead or alive) or move a heavy payload. Instead of throwing your back out by carrying the person or items with your bare hands, use a stretcher. A homemade stretcher can be fashioned out of very common items. So whether you are dealing … Read More