The Rewarding Path of Reparenting Yourself…

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After walking through the first three steps of the healing process… Awareness of your core wound Releasing stored negative emotions attached to it, and Forgiving the caretaker(s) who wounded you… Comes the final task: The long, rewarding path of reparenting yourself, and choosing to live as a healed, functional adult… Which is perhaps never a one-and-done job, but likely a … Read More

Holiday Survival


This is Neil’s latest article on family gatherings and holidays… You might be bracing yourself… The holidays are fast approaching. And because social restrictions are relaxing, most family gatherings will be back in full swing. Though for many of us, even if we are looking forward to seeing our family, the childhood dinner table remains the epicenter of our family … Read More

Lessons I Learned From Losing Everything Two Days Ago

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These past few days have been an emotional roller-coaster—with one of my biggest life lessons at the lowest point of the ride. This blog post is as much for you as it is for me, so that I can remember and internalize the epiphany of this week. Some of you may not even relate to it. But it’s an interesting … Read More

Evacuation Advice from a Survivalist

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If you read Emergency, you’ll remember there was an urban survivalist who ran onPoint Tactical Training, who taught me how to pick locks, hotwire cars, escape from handcuffs, and so many more just-plain-cool survival skills. That survivalist is Kevin Reeve.  Upon hearing that parts of California are evacuating in record numbers (including my community in Malibu) due to the unprecedented wildfires, Kevin sent … Read More

Final Chapter – The Cave And The Sea Excerpt


Sometimes the best way to convey a skill or a truth is to make it part of a larger narrative. The Cave and The Sea, a Novel, began as a short story of survival and later grew to contain almost 80,000 words and countless survival principles.

Friday Gear Report: The Sticky Holster


For the money and ease-of-use, I strongly recommend the purchase of a Sticky Holster. The holsters make concealed carry much more practical, which in turn makes law-abiding gun owners safer.

7 Ways To Be Safe In Crowds

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The KEY to surviving any event in a crowded venue will depend almost entirely on your ability to control personal panic, to assess the situation, and to take immediate action.