Honor Confidentiality

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This is the latest article from Neil… To continue supporting as many as I can in finishing your books, and other projects, I want to share a few extra lessons I’ve learned recently before we continue our regularly scheduled programming here. This tip has applications far beyond writing, so read on for the bigger takeaway.    I took note of … Read More

A thousand small improvements

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  Here’s Neil’s latest tip on writing… I wanted to share an insight that has freed many writers who were blocked. It’s easy to write, but it’s exhausting to doubt yourself. When you set over-thinking aside, and just show up to do the work, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. When you simply start writing words without judgment, follow the … Read More

The Truth is Now in Paperback + Bonus Content

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After two and a half years of being bound in white leather, it’s time for a change. The Truth is now available in paperback, with a new subtitle to boot:  An Eye-Opening Odyssey Through Love Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Extraordinary Relationships. Order your paperback copy of The Truth anywhere books are sold: HarperCollins Amazon Barnes & Noble Indiebound Books-a-Million iBooks My … Read More

Children’s Book Recommendations from Readers

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I read a lot when I was young. And now that I’m a father, I make it a priority to read with my three-year-old son Tenn every chance I get. Since my book collection doesn’t exactly pique my son’s interest (yet), I asked you readers what books your children enjoy the most. …and your response was overwhelming! It’s inspiring to … Read More

Books Written by Guests of The Truth Barrel Podcast

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In each episode of The Truth Barrel podcast, there was at least one book recommendation from either Gabby, Neil, and their guests—several of which are authors themselves. …and some of the guests’ books became bestsellers. Your mission:  pick two of these books and promise yourself that you will read them in the first six months of 2018. Read two of … Read More

Top Ten Books: Reading List 2017 (Fiction & Literature)

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In what’s becoming an annual tradition here, below is my top ten books reading list for 2017. It will be updated over the course of the year to reflect the fiction and literature books I’ve read over the course of the year. As I read each book, I will list it below, in order of preference from most to least favorite, … Read More

I Hate Tim Ferriss

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I hate Tim Ferriss. I am seriously upset at him. He used to be my brother in slow, agonizing book turn-around times. We’d sweat together for years on the research, writing, and editing of our books, vowing never to do it again when we were done. But now, all of a sudden, this guy has turned on me. He called … Read More

The Best of the Crowd-Sourced Reading Project

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Five years ago, a small group of Inner-Circle readers compiled the most important takeaways and lessons from 23 amazing self-growth books. And roughly every-other week for the entire year, I posted their analysis right here on the blog. By the end of the year, we took all the common themes and advice and put it into an exclusive PDF only … Read More

A Tour of My Personal Library

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Everyone who comes to my house gets a book. I most often give away non-fiction books—most of them are readings that influenced The Game. Soon, I will update these library giveaways for books that influenced The Truth. For those and more, be sure to sign up for my email list here. My non-fiction shelf: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by … Read More

How Soon is Now? Exclusive Book Excerpt!

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I often find myself advising friends, family and fans that there is no better time than NOW to pursue what it is you are passionate about. But everyone is susceptible to the dreaded tendency to put off the pursuit of alluring life changes. And the reason runs deep: Beyond our upbringing, beliefs, and experiences, human history tell a story of just … Read More