A thousand small improvements

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Here’s Neil’s latest tip on writing…

I wanted to share an insight that has freed many writers who were blocked.

It’s easy to write, but it’s exhausting to doubt yourself.

When you set over-thinking aside, and just show up to do the work, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.

When you simply start writing words without judgment, follow the momentum, and surrender to the process, you’ll often end up writing yourself somewhere far different, and far more beautiful, than you’d ever anticipated.

And it’s completely normal if that first draft needs a lot of improvement. The quality takes shape in the editing process.

This brings us to one other takeaway from the weekend: turning off your critical mind until it’s needed.

The writing starts as horrible. Then you work the horrible into tolerable, then tolerable into good, and then good into great. 

That’s how the process works. Quality writing doesn’t often appear right away. It develops over the course of a thousand small improvements.

I hope these brief insights from a seasoned writer –  help you in your process.

If you’re struggling to feel encouraged in your writing, I recommend finding or creating a community to create accountability and help you stay engaged in your project.

Whether or not you’re working on a book, we each have our own dreams we want to realize. And mentorship and community help.

So here’s to your creativity, productivity, and next adventure. And to sharing it with the world.

More to come.

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