A personal call to action: My reflection on giving back in 2024

SharonNew Years

So, it’s been a challenging time in the world, and I find myself reflecting on the importance of giving back. I know, I know – my New Year’s message is a bit late, and we’re already 1/12th into the year (a somewhat scary thought!). Truth is, I wrote this a while back and somehow forgot to press send. Sometimes, completing … Read More

My All-Purpose Holiday Gift & End of Year Lessons

Neil StraussNew Years

Here’s a quick holiday suite of messages, plus a few more lessons from the fires. Thanks for the great responses, via email and in person. Glad the epiphany landed with you too. If you’re seeing family over the holidays, then this is your big chance to put everything you’ve learned during the Year of Deep Inner Game into practice. I’ve often … Read More

New Years 2018: The Year of Deep Inner Game

Neil StraussAdvice, New Years, YoDIG

new years resolution 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve taken the time to set a vision, intention, resolution, or SMART goals for this coming year…. And as crucial, I hope you looked over your goals for 2017, and gave yourself a performance review: If you didn’t accomplish your previous resolutions, it’s worth asking yourself why? Especially if they were realistic goals. To make … Read More

Instead of resolutions, try this…

Neil StraussAdvice, New Years

Did you make a resolution last year, whether on New Year’s or during the year itself? And if you did make a resolution or a promise to yourself, did you keep it? If you didn’t succeed or stick with it, then I’m going to suggest something: Don’t make another goal. Instead: Figure out why you didn’t succeed with your last … Read More

Why You Need a Ulysses Strategy

Neil StraussNeil, New Years

Too many people I’ve met this week are telling me something like this: Me: So what are your resolutions this year? Them: I’m not making any this year. Me: Why not? Them: Well, I would just make the same resolutions I made last year. And it’s depressing to know I didn’t do them. Others making resolutions confessed that deep down, they … Read More

16 Things You Can Do In One Day To Improve Your Life

Neil StraussNeil, New Years

Happy New Year! Today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before, by popular demand: update a previous post. Yes, I’m trying to finish the next book, which is due this month. (And, yes, you will all be the first to know what it’s about!) But I’m taking a break today to share this because I think it’s important. … Read More