New Years 2018: The Year of Deep Inner Game

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new years resolution 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve taken the time to set a vision, intention, resolution, or SMART goals for this coming year….

And as crucial, I hope you looked over your goals for 2017, and gave yourself a performance review: If you didn’t accomplish your previous resolutions, it’s worth asking yourself why?

Especially if they were realistic goals.

To make sure that 2018 is your best year, today’s blog post is an important one.

It’s about confronting the most dangerous enemy of 2018.

This enemy is so sneaky, cunning, and dangerous…

That most of the time we don’t even know it exists.

It pretends to be our friend, but secretly undermines everything we do.

So here are your choices for 2018:

You can spend the majority of your energy focused on the enemies you don’t know that are served up for you on a daily basis via social media, the news, and all the other apps on your phone (which have been designed to suck up as much of your time, emotion, and attention as possible).


You can focus on the real enemy, the one you know. This enemy affects you every day. It holds you back in your career, your relationships, your health, your growth, and your happiness. It controls you in the same way a puppeteer controls a puppet. And unlike the enemies you don’t really know, this one you can defeat single-handedly.

Because the most dangerous enemy in the world is:

In your head.

It is not you. It is a certain part of you.

For now, let’s call it: Your lower self.

This enemy holds you back and sabotages you on nearly every front. And it does this on a daily basis.

This enemy presents three great challenges:

1).  Finding it: Most of the time it operates covertly in the shadows of your unconscious, without you even knowing what it’s doing to you. Many people are so used to the presence of this enemy, they’re actually attached to it. Some even think it’s good. Or, worst of all, they think it defines who they are.

2).  Destroying it: Conscious incompetence is a lot tougher than unconscious incompetence. Knowing the enemy is there doesn’t stop it. Because it takes something stronger than just will power or a resolution to kill it.

3).  Keeping It Away: Just because you’ve vanquished the enemy doesn’t mean it won’t return. To set yourself up for long-term success, there’s a suite of tools and systems you need to keep your inner kingdom safe from future attack.

This is exactly why I’m coining 2018… The Year Of Deep Inner Game

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that we do an annual tele-hang to ring in the new year and work on some of these issues.

But I’ve decided: That’s not enough for an enemy this powerful and this pervasive.

So this year, I’m doing something different.

The Year of Deep Inner Game

I’m still going to do a big tele-hang, but we are going to all get to a certain level of psychoeducation first.

That way, you’re all up to speed and self-aware, and I want to catch you up on my latest research, a lot of which I’ve never shared. This way, we can accomplish 10x more on the tele-hang.

Over the next few weeks, you’re going to be receiving a series of communications from me about this enemy and its minions living inside your head.

I’ll be helping you identify them, provide solutions for you to disempower them, and, finally, we’ll get into truly slaying the enemy in 2018.

And then you can truly step into your best self, your greatest life, and your most powerful impact. Even if you think you’re doing great now, you haven’t yet experienced what’s possible without your lower self getting in the way.

We’ll start the next blog post with one of the most brutal warriors that works for this enemy: The Inner Critic.

Happy 2018, and welcome to…the Year of Deep Inner Game…