A personal call to action: My reflection on giving back in 2024

SharonNew Years

So, it’s been a challenging time in the world, and I find myself reflecting on the importance of giving back. I know, I know – my New Year’s message is a bit late, and we’re already 1/12th into the year (a somewhat scary thought!). Truth is, I wrote this a while back and somehow forgot to press send. Sometimes, completing a message feels so fulfilling that I overlook the sharing part. But here’s the thing: I believe this message is important, and I hope it can make a positive difference in the world.

Let’s get straight to it – I want to talk about giving back. It’s not something we’ve discussed before, and maybe many of you are already doing it. But it’s worth emphasizing.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m urging you to consider this when we’re well into the year. Well, the act of completion got the better of me, and I overlooked the sharing part. But the timing doesn’t dilute the importance of the message.

Here’s the idea: take a percentage of your income, even if it’s just a few dollars, and contribute to a cause or someone in need. What’s interesting is that, in reality, you’re spending less, thanks to the tax deductions associated with charitable donations.

So, my call to action for you is to make contribution a part of your 2024 goals. Play a small part in alleviating suffering worldwide. I get it – it might seem like drops in a bucket individually, but collectively, it adds up to positive change.

Choosing a cause or charity can be overwhelming, I know. My suggestion is to simplify it – pick one cause or charity to be an ongoing advocate for. Treat it like your favorite hobby or career passion. Prioritize it.

Verify the effectiveness and ethics of the charity through a quick web search. Ensure your contribution is making a real impact.

Now, let’s talk about making this a habit. Whether it’s a monthly or annual donation, setting up a donor-advised fund, or volunteering your time or skills – every bit counts. Even a few dollars can initiate the giving habit. Stay tuned for a follow-up email where I’ll extend a special thank you to those who decide to give back.

I’m genuinely interested in hearing where you decide to contribute this year. Share it with me, and let’s foster a sense of community and collective impact.

In closing, here’s to a healing year for all of us and for the world. This message isn’t just about personal fulfillment – it’s a collective effort towards positive change.