Become an oak tree


Just as acorns are meant to become oak trees, we’re meant to unfold our fullest potential. When we stagnate or get stuck, we intuitively know something is wrong. We don’t feel much happiness; instead, we feel increasing despair and frustration—aware of our untapped potential, yet feeling trapped and unable to act on it.

These harder feelings, though uncomfortable, are actually beneficial. They signal that we need to make a shift, do something differently, and address unknown forces within us that are hindering our growth, so we can continue evolving.

As we move into summer, it’s a perfect time to reflect on these signals and consider the changes we need to make for a more fulfilling life.

Those of you who have been following this blog know the evolution I’ve gone through. You may even have experienced your own parallel evolution through the books, these posts, or various programs over the years. As you know, we are all a work in progress.

When I first began coaching, my focus was on seminars. I believed that bringing everyone together for a weekend to share the best of my knowledge would help them improve their lives. This sometimes worked, but often, people returned to their home environments and slowly forgot everything.

Over time, I created a group of highly accomplished individuals dedicated to self-improvement and bettering the world. This journey allowed me to meet many brilliant people and form lifelong friendships.

We held four incredible events a year with renowned speakers and intense experiences, from emotional breakthroughs to adventurous activities. Yet, something was still missing. With a hundred people in the group, I couldn’t connect deeply with everyone or apply the teachings to their daily lives.

So, as an experiment, we broke the group into smaller, intimate sessions where I spoke to every member regularly. This allowed me to get to know them on a personal level, probably deeper than most of their close friends or even partners knew them. Consistently working through their problems, goals, and challenges led to life-changing breakthroughs.

At the same time, I missed the seminar format where I could share many tools and deliver powerful exercises. So, I envisioned the next step in our journey towards the best and fastest transformative experience.

What would the next evolution look like? Imagine a Year-Long Deep Inner Growth Intensive. What might it open up and make possible for you? Our deepest wounds form over time and need time to heal. Would a year be enough for you?

The life you’ve built is like a structure, and your mind is the foundation. Often, we wake up in lives we barely remember building, with cracked walls and crooked floors, not knowing how to fix them. Trying to rearrange the furniture doesn’t work because the foundation is faulty.

I’ve had the chance to do many fulfilling things in my life. Few compare to watching people in this community reach their greatest levels of inner fulfillment, relationship health, and personal success. This has included achieving financial goals, completing dream projects, healing lifelong wounds, and committing to healthy, honest relationships.