From The Desk of Neil Strauss

Almost ten years ago, after reading The Game, a brilliant programmer living in San Francisco contacted me and asked if I was interested in helping people who’d read the book.

I met with him, and we became so excited about the possibility that we started Stylelife. The idea was to teach men all the positive elements of what I learned in that time, but without any of what we felt were the negative parts.

That was a decade ago. But the game has changed and so have I.

I’ve been away from the day-to-day operations of Stylelife for some time. In that time, I learned that having success with women is not about mastering some scripted routine. It’s about deepening your relationship with yourself. And it’s about being the kind of person who can be in a healthy relationship with others.

It’s about treating and healing the “shame” deep inside that makes some of us afraid to talk to others, afraid of rejection, and afraid that if we showed our true self, we wouldn’t be accepted.

And it’s about getting to a deep and lasting level of confidence from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Because it’s the only confidence that lasts and can never be taken away.

It’s the most exciting and meaningful journey you will ever make.

This month, after ten years of making Stylelife the first and longest standing attraction academy online, my partner left Stylelife and gave the reins back to me.

So, in the coming months, after The Truth is released, you’re going to see an entirely new Stylelife, designed for modern times and technology, and dedicated to helping you become your best, most authentic, most confident self.

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