The Truth

An Uncomfortable Book
About Relationships


This book contains one of the most terrifying and obscene words in the English language: commitment. Specifically the type of commitment that often precedes or follows love and sex.

A lack of commitment, too much commitment, a poorly chosen commitment, and misunderstandings about commitment have led to murders, suicides, wars, and a whole lot of grief.

They have also led to this book, which is an attempt to figure out where so many people go wrong, again and again, when it comes to relationships and marriage—and if there’s a better way to live, love, and make love.

This, however, is not a journey that was undertaken for journalistic purposes. It is a painfully honest account of a life crisis that was forced on me by the consequences of my own behavior.

As such, it requires sharing a lot of things I’m not proud of—and a few things I feel like I should regret a whole lot more than I actually do. Because, unfortunately, I am not the hero in this tale. I am the villain.