How To Kill Your Negative Emotions

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Today’s guest post is from international best-selling author, therapist and speaker Patrick McNally. Here he reveals his favorite NLP method for instantly releasing negative emotions.

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

After two decades of working with TV celebrities, movie stars, sports stars and the general public, the most profound discovery I’ve made is that people need a technique that will quickly eliminate any negative emotions…because if they can’t rid themselves of fear, doubt, anxiety or depression, they have little or no chance to live an amazing life.

This technique is lightning fast, so do it now.

Step 1
Think of anything that is bothering you, worrying you, or making you feel sad or fearful. Pick the worst thing you are going through now.

Step 2
As you keep thinking about it, let yourself detect where you feel it in your body. Some people have felt it in their chest, arms, stomach, throat, between their breasts (females), or at the top of their stomach (men store it here a lot). Become aware of where it enters your body.

Step 3
Notice which direction this feeling is moving. It has to move – feelings move all the time. For example, I want you to think about being nervous. When a person is nervous, they normally say “I have butterflies in my tummy”.

Step 4
By now you should be thinking of it, feeling it and know the direction in which it is moving. Now I want you to look at what it is you are seeing in your mind’s eye. Is it a still picture or a movie? Go to (a) if it’s a picture and go to (b) if it’s a movie

(a) If it’s a picture, place a black border around the edge and move it away from you in your mind’s eye, shrinking it down to the size of a postcard. Then move it away from you again until it’s the size of a postage stamp. Then when it is as small as you can make it, take a deep breath and blow it away until you can’t see it anymore.

At the very same time as you are doing this, I want you to place your hands on the area of your body where the feelings are. Then push the feelings in your body in the opposite direction. So, for example, if you discovered the feelings were in your lower stomach moving up, you would use your hands to move the feelings downward. As you blow the picture away you should also find you have moved the feeling from your body.

(b) If you see a movie playing, pick the worst part of the movie and freeze it. Now you have a picture and can continue with the technique by following the instructions given above in (a).

Step 5
Test the results of your work. Try to think again about THE SAME THING that was worrying you and see and feel for yourself how remarkably different the experience is now.

No other technique has ever gotten close to removing negative emotions as fast as this one and I give it to you with love and blessing for an amazing life. Never let your body trick you anymore – you make the thoughts that create the feelings…and now you can change your feelings about anything in your life.

You can learn more from Patrick here:

24 Comments on “How To Kill Your Negative Emotions”

  1. Submodality shifts (i.e. This) are the main thing I use in my hypnotherapy practice for fast long-lasting results 😉
    Rory Z – Hypnotist

      1. Hi Martin4real,

        You don’t need to practice, just do it once and your done :-)))))

        Best Wishes

        Dr Patrick McNally PhD

    1. Hi Shantori,

      Glad to hear that my technique has helped you.

      Best Wishes

      Dr Patrick McNally PhD

    1. Hi ..

      Well done. It can be used for anything and everything. From situations in your past present or future as well as for people you have problems with.

      thank you for letting me know….

  2. So i’m struggeling with the entire visualizing part; i have trouble detecting where i feel it in my body and the direction. I also strugle with seeing either a movie or a picture.(this goes for all visualizing exercises) Anny pointers?

    1. Hi,

      It’s normal for this to happen… it’s because you think a lot :-)))

      Do it again and this time just follow the instructions and don’t try to see anything and don’t try to feel anything, just let it appear as you think of what it is you want to change.
      Please let me know how you go.

  3. I’m sorry. But this is this biggest pile of BS I’ve read in a while. If they’re genuinely felt emotions, they’re there for a reason and won’t disappear because you imagined yourself ‘pushing them away’.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your feedback. I agree with your point regarding genuine emotions totally and that is why I developed this technique.

      In Australia I’m the guy they come to when celebrities want to climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Now these people have genuine emotions (fear) yet in less than 10 minutes these genuine emotions are dismantled and they are free to do what it is they want (climb the bridge).

      Remember we make our emotions and sometime we trick ourselves into thinking these emotions are real. Take cigarette smokers for example, their emotions remind them to pick up a cigarette and take a deep breathe. Once again these strong powerful emotions can be changed using this technique.

      2 years ago parents brought me a 14 year old girl who was rapped by two men. The parents spent a year trying to get her help and relief, then they came to see me.

      I used this technique with the girl for just over two hours. When we had finished the young girl had changed the way she felt about the entire trauma and has since moved on with her life and is a happy young girl again all because she can no longer link the past even and recapture the emotions that made her life a misery.

      Thank you for taking time to post your comment and I truly hope my reply will get you to at least try it out ….. it work awesome for future dread fear and anxiety of your future as well.

      kind regards


    1. Hi,

      I always urge people to test what they did, so if you did the technique go back and think about it again and see what is different.

      Sometimes I get a person to rate the discomfort out of 10, so they might say 8.

      Then I have them do the technique and afterwards test it to see what the number is after. When you can think about it again and get it down to a 2 or 3 you are done.

      Thanks for letting me know..



  4. Hey i wanna say thanks for this technique i suffer from depression and a form of OCD i did the technique once and i felt a difference

    1. Hi..

      That’s great, well done and thank you for taking the time out to let me know I really appreciate it.

      Long may you use it in many areas of your life.



  5. what when it is not possibel for me to picture my fear, even not make a movie of it. I realy don’t know. The fear is inside my stomach thats for sure but I can’t easily think on my father or something. WHAT TO DO??

    1. Hello and thank you for your feedback question. It you would like to go to my video channel on youtube I have a free video there where I demonstrate the technique in full.

      If you want you can follow along. Here is the link

      Many thanks and I hope you enjoy feeling different.



    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your feedback. It’s been a real treat to present one of my techniques for Neil’s readers.

      It’s thanks to Neil for allowing me to share with you.

      best wishes


  6. It turns out you can also employ a something like this for running.

    For instance, if I start to feel a stitch in my side come on during a run, I picture the pain area in my head and then mentally imagine it shrinking down to the size of a pea and then with one of my hands will make a gesture to grab at it and remove and throw it away.

    It works!

  7. Greetings Doctor,

    I would like to know more about your work on How to Kill Negative Emotions. Thanks.


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