How To Maximize Your Success And Opportunities

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I recently heard from a Society Ambassador who shared a very cool success story with me.

The success was a direct result of one of the fundamental principles I teach in The Society. It’s something I’ve never shared publicly before. But it’s such an important concept, and has fueled so many successes in the program (and saved so many asses), that I want to pass it on to you. Hopefully, for some of you here in the Inner Circle, this will be landing at the right time in your lives.

If that is you, read on and let me tell you about…the Two Trains Theory.

(And, don’t worry, there’s no math involved.)

People often wrestle with leaving their current job to pursue something more meaningful to them. Maybe they’re not happy with their current job. Maybe they don’t want to work for a boss anymore and want to be self-employed. Maybe they just want to do something true to their passion and themselves.

So think of your current job as one train.

Think of what you really want to do—or what you want to do next—as another train.

Right now, you’re standing on a moving train—your current job.

And what most people do is they get off their current train, exit onto the station platform, and wait for the next train.

But usually what happens is they get stuck there, and eventually start running out of time (and money) as the trains on the platforms around them just whiz right past.

To return to non-metaphorical reality, they’ve underestimated the incredible amount of work required to get themselves to a level of success, satisfaction, and financial stability in the new job. And soon most of them find themselves very unhappy, returning to their old jobs (or doing something they like even less) for money, and having little to no free time to pursue their new direction.

Instead, if you want to follow the Two Trains Theory, stay on the train you’re currently on. Then, in whatever spare time you have, work to get the other train started. Start pursuing your new passion or new direction or passive income stream on the weekends, in the evenings, early in the morning, whenever you can.

Get that train moving faster and faster, and find out if you even like being on it. If you do, you’ll find that your energy will automatically redirect to fueling the engine of that other train. Pretty soon, it will be rolling and picking up speed. And one day, you will realize it is going almost as fast as your current train, if not faster. And that’s when you just take the simple step from your current train to your new train—with no waiting at the platform, no fear of having to go backward. You may have to straddle the two trains, with one leg on each for a little, but that’s a quality problem, to be so in demand.

And that brings me to my final point about this: It’s not just a metaphor. It’s always easy to get a new job when you already have one. You have much more value to those in your new career if you have to be stolen or poached from another job, rather than being plucked out of the unemployment line. Just like in The Game (or any reality show), when women are competing for you, you are less needy, have higher perceived value, act more confident, and are more likely to succeed.

Simple, right?

I’ve seen it happen time and time again. In most cases (unless you’re working a 20-hour job right now in the mines of a remote island), if you do this, not only will your life be easier, but so will your chances of success.

Hope this is helpful and catching some of you at the right time.

See you on the express train…


147 Comments on “How To Maximize Your Success And Opportunities”

    1. Wow Its funny I read this now. Last year I was 21, and I was working a horrible job at Home Depot. The job itself wasn’t horrible but my mentality and overall experience was. One day I went out with some girls to the beach and decided to not even call in. I felt guilty, like I had just crossed a line in my life, (I tend to be pretty responsible and not miss a day) specially when I heard the voice messages from my boss. And then I snapped, my whole mentality changed that day… such a trivial thing like playing hookie from work one day was just the pebble that was needed to knock down the whole wall. I quit that night and enjoyed the rest of my 21 years of age going out to clubs, cruises, parks, you name it!

      After a while I went broke and it was ok, I was still enjoying my self imposed vacation. Also I was still horrified of the retail industry. But I had a gaping whole in my heart, And that was my second train. I had forgotten all about it on my time partying and it started making me pretty miserable, I had gotten so consumed by the hatred of my former occupation that I forgot what I had once been passionate about, Heavy metal music. I started making as many moves as it took to have it back. But by this time my partners in all of this had lost inspiration. My lack of commitment was like an airborne disease that traveled into their bodies and attacked their immune systems relentlessly, and the home studio that we created with so much excitement was now collecting dust. On top of that I was broke, and could not afford to complete the missing pieces to make it whole… I was in the station, waiting for a train that never came.

      2013 came by, I had a crazy (but expected) heart-break. After spending a couple of weeks in a corner of my room crying I realized what it took to make it, and even tho it is a long journey ahead I am now riding a new train, I wont allow this one to define me tho, This one is just there till my train is built and fully operational! But Im not alone, since I have been able to re-inspire my old friends, we are working together at a top speed that we have never reached before! And today I just happened to read a very interesting article here on this site that kinda put it all into perspective…

      Throughout this small journey I realized the quote really is true “The World IS What You Think It Is.”

      1. “The World IS What You Think It is.” That is so fucking FALSE it has crossed the border into 1984 doublethink INSANITY. What, did you just get released from the Ministry of Love, where O’Brien decided that your transformation was complete, because you love Big Brother now?

        A person, a human being, a man living under the delusion that he “self-sufficient” is just straight WRONG, simply because NO amount of human ingenuity, logic, or reason can establish the universal moral order and law.

        “What you think is WHAT YOU THINK, and it may or may NOT have any correlation with the World.” Pending evidence which will sway your beliefs one way or the other, you should stay POSITIVE, but that is NOT an invitation to be a RETARD.

        Neil can think about how he is a tall strongman with Ted Danson hair capable of dead-lifting 500 pounds, but that will never change him from being a short little music geek, who’s too much of a pussy to allow his male pattern baldness to grow in. You fucking COWARD.

        It would not surprise me if years later, we found out that Neil was waxing his scrotum the whole time.

        Neil, you have got to stop facilitating this INSANITY. You are becoming part of the PROBLEM.

        1. I just called you out Roca…

          If you don’t step forward, and you did NOT, that makes you a PUSSY.

          1. You didn’t call me out little brat. Only a man can do that and you ain’t one

      2. I know what I believe in, and I keep my eyes open and my ears to the ground. I certainly DON’T have it “all” figured out, but I have figured out that Neil is sliding down into a very bad place.

        1. nobody asked about your life little brat. keep those comments for facebook or youtube where they belong

          1. has so much cum been squirted in your eyes you can’t see what’s right in front of your face?

        2. Listen to me Roca,

          You don’t have what it takes to go shot for shot with a man like me, so stop fantasizing about being clever, because you are an underachieving slob.

          1. with a “man” like you? a little brat that’s what you are. I love the way you lie to yourself

  1. Absolutely agree. Never let go of one branch with out holding onto another.

    That said, was literally turned down by a potential new employer today. So back to just one train again.


  2. I feel as though I’ve read this article already… You running out of new content, Neil? I can’t wait for you to explain to us why it is a good idea to walk before we run. Perhaps we need to hear about how the using wheels is superior to transporting a load by dragging it on a sled.

    Mind-blowing advice, all of it.

    Your seamless transition from being a miserable writer to being the guy running an internet pyramid scheme is really inspirational.

    1. Hey StyleofMan, If you hate the articles here so much (which are FREE, by the way) why do you keep coming back? Why don’t you go create your own awesome, perfect website and enlighten us with your own mind-blowing, always-fresh-and-new content? Seems to me that it’s your duty to society, since you’re such an inspirational genius who knows everything there is to know.

    2. Listen fin,

      I am smarter than you are. I read “The Game” and it was inspirational, and so I have decided that Neil has potential to write a whole fuck-ton better than what he is posting on this blog.

      I am not going to start a website blog, because I am an aerospace science engineer who DID NOT write a book on the correct method for scoring with hot women. I conduct science, do my sport building, dead-lift 500 pounds, I don’t give a fuck about Motley Crue, Jenna Jameson, or filling my garage with shit I can just take from weaklings like Neil when society falls apart. All the motherfucking trinkets in the world will not help Neil live in the jungle for 2 minutes if he decides to enter my domain. I am reading “A Tale of Two Cities” at the moment, and my writing I do in emails and posting on this blog. Self help books are for people who suck at doing things, so I stick to the Western Literary Canon. The kind of books which you CANNOT even try to speed-read… You savor every single word, like you’re sitting down to romance a gourmet feast. Neil’s current writing is the fast food of the literary world… It might taste OK, but it’s shit.

      I’ve got a mind for victory, and arms like the Guns of Navarone. I keep coming back here in the hopes that one day, one of you sheep will turn into a man and have something relevant to say. Hope, love, and charity.

      The “Two Trains” theory is for pussies incapable of living an “All or Nothing” lifestyle, the lifestyle of a champion. One of my favorite examples of this concept comes from the movie GATTACA, where Vincent Freeman’s brother asks him how he was able to swim so far out into the ocean without breaking down… To this question, Vincent answers, “I didn’t leave anything for the way back, I was swimming to the other side.” – Ethan Hawke’s character was going to win the game of chicken, or DIE… ALL OR NOTHING.

      My duty to society is to produce EXCELLENCE every single day, and that is exactly what I am doing… You need to know that I am not your enemy, I am the guy who cares enough about you to tell you the truth, and I am willing to do so at my own expense.

      It seems like you think I am trying to make you feel bad… I am NOT doing that. You don’t know me, and you sure as fuck don’t know anybody like me, so either do your research, or shut the fuck UP.

      If Neil doesn’t like my posts, he can just delete my account. He used to delete my posts when I requested to hear the truth about his ex-girlfriend Lisa. So I let that issue drop, and now he’s just satisfied that anybody intelligent is willing to read his drivel.

      1. With so much going on in your perfect life, so glad you found time to slag off a guy’s work who is an inspiration to a lot of people. Not every guy is an Alpha male like you. So when the end of the world comes and you are world leader, because your huge guns have helped you accumulate all the wealth, please remember us little weaklings and don’t bully is too much.
        Thanks big man, much love.

        1. Oh, I totally agree… You’re not like me.

          That is exactly my plan, for when American democracy implodes, I shall take it upon myself to be a local warlord and sovereign leader of my good people. As your leader, you will come to understand that the decisions I make are for YOUR OWN GOOD, and I will strike you down if and only if you begin to behave with insubordinate conduct, thus endangering the well being of our tribe.

          One quick question… Any relation to Sydney Carton?

      2. ‘A Tale of Two Cities’? You are what, 14? Romance a gourmet feast? Stay with dead-lifts brother, writing is not for you.

        1. What are you reading right now? Teen People?

          I like to romance my food on the way inside of me. The weirdos who sit on the can with a comic book and romance it on the way out are having trouble dealing with all the homosexual fantasies you are too scared to interpret.

          You’re not man enough to give me any lip, so sit the fuck down, and shut up.

      3. I apologize if this appears harsh, but it seems necessary. You appear to be focused on your physical appearance and skills, which you then try to qualify with “advanced” literary works. If you truly are an aerospace science engineer, congratulations. But you, in your highly self conscious world, fail to understand what happens when a society breaks down. The calm, charismatic, and interesting become the leaders. The strong and resourceful become their main support. And if someone physically stronger tries to take from them, all their numerous followers will attack, and the outsider will be crushed under the sheer might of the many. The fact that they are larger and incredibly self centered, will make them seem more dangerous, and as a less than viable ally. I truly pity you, for all your misconceptions.

      4. You may want to work on not coming across as a narcissistic troll if you truly wish to produce EXCELLENCE.

        1. When I am better than you are, and I am, then I don’t give a FUCK about how you decide to interpret me saying so.

          What the fuck do I need you to like me for?

          I produce EXCELLENCE every day. Day in, day out, every day, every motherfucking day.

      5. You know what your problem is? Here it is:

        “I am smarter than you are”, followed by “you don’t know me… either do your research, or shut the fuck up”. He doesn’t know you, but you know you’re smarter than him. Nice.

        Then to show that Neil’s post is “for pussies, incapable of living the lifestyle of a champion” you, rather than give an example from your own life, quote from a movie.

        You’re so caught up in trying to put people down and make yourself sounds awesome (what with all the dead lifting and great scholarly works you read) that you contradict yourself and make claims without back-up. As a result, you don’t come across as the intellectual alpha you try to be. Instead, you just look like a douche.

        Not once in your post did you mention a loving girlfriend or good friends, which are the real good things in life. Your ‘champion lifestyle’ has got you checking in on a self-help website at 2.30am on a Saturday night because you secretly want to see if there’s anything on there to help you out.

        Good luck. Nobber.

      6. Listen to me you IDIOT,

        I do NOT need your fucking HELP. I am not a public relations weirdo. I AM A MAN. A big, strong, intelligent, caring person who knows what he believes in, and willing to express his beliefs without regard for how ignorant slobs like you are going to interpret what I say.

        I am smarter than you, and I can know a whole fuck ton about you, and all of this can be true while YOU know absolutely NOTHING. There is NO contradiction. Knowing and understanding are NOT necessarily two-way streets.

        “Self-Help Website” Are you fucking kidding me?

        Neil, has explicitly called this website his “inner circle”. It is supposed to be a sanctuary for the kind of discussions where members can contribute their skills to the betterment of each others cause.

        Like you have suggested, it has become an outlet for Neil to start a “Self-Help” pyramid scheme, starting with “The Society”, moving to “Ambassadors”, and continuing to God knows what level, where every member needs to “invest” their money into the system while Neil will eventually NOT have time for any of them beyond collecting their assets.

        All it takes for EVIL to prevail is for enough good men to sit around and do NOTHING. I will be the good man, who stands up and calls a fraud a fraud.

        I’d like to be part of Neil’s real “inner circle”, because I liked reading his book, “The Game”. I am surprised that nobody else around here is upset by the continual misrepresentations as Neil proceeds to sell his soul. I’ve written more for this fucking blog than Neil has. And right or wrong, at least I believe in what I am writing. Neil has renounced the need to believe in anything, and replaced it with rapport building exercises.

        This website gives me a few minutes per day to relax between the long and intense periods when I am fully consumed in the production of EXCELLENCE in it’s purest form. I is a good way to iron out what you believe in.

        I am an aerospace science engineer, and thus I am not in the habit of giving people “self-help” advice because “live like a special forces paratrooper” is completely impractical, but that is what I believe, so that is what I will say to you. Maybe, I can ACTUALLY help you with something, like we can make pretend that this is an ACTUAL inner circle, and you will be singing a different tune when I blow your fucking mind away with what I am capable of DOING for YOU specifically. Of course, you will have to open up and genuinely ask ME for help, and do it politely, which means that you will have to stop your PRIDE from getting in the way of your objective.

        1. Firstly, if you’re genuine about wanting to help me then calling me a fucking idiot and saying you’re smarter than me is a quick way to having me say a fat ‘fuck off’ to your offer. You’re an Aerospace Science Engineer? Well I’m a Geophysicist with 2 university degrees, so I’m pretty switched on too. But dude, you have anger issues. Maybe you’re passionate about trying to showing Neil for the ‘fraud’ he really is, but you’re not going to get anywhere by slagging people off and getting angry about it. Sure you may disagree with it, but really you’re just going to waste a lot of energy. Put that energy to better use. Oh, and you’re clearly narcissistic. Get on top of that, women hate it.

        1. I think this guy has been pounded from behind so hard, that he know feels the need to tell the world he’s a MAN. “a rich mas doesn’t have to tell you he’s rich.” Way to go homo brat.

        2. Looks like the best part of you ran down the crack of your momma’s ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress.

        3. If you don’t have anything clever to say, then you ought to be matriculating at a school for the learning impaired where they will teach you how to hide your intellectual limitations.

          One day you may actually finish reading a book, and I will help you to celebrate by picking up a woman and giving her to you.

          1. hahaha good joke little brat. You just made me laugh. The only way you can pick up a woman is by picking her up from the floor after she has passed out.

        4. Don’t you go falling on your own sword after you realize that I’ve got you dead to rights for being a pussy.

      1. Well YA, NO FUCKING SHIT. That is exactly what I was pointing out. Everybody should also know that they should get a new job before they quit their old one.

        Here’s some advice that you didn’t listen to in elementary school:

        “Don’t start shit with a huge guy who trains 18 hours a week, and is dead-lifting 500 pounds in his avatar picture.”

        Introduce yourself, so I can use the information to humble you, and then humiliate you.

        You think you can tangle with me? Stand up and do it like a man.

        1. About the job, sometimes you just gotta take the risk, you can’t always play it safe. There are no rules set in stone in this life. Do it as long as it feels right. About the other thing, I didn’t asked about your training life. You work out? good! everybody please clap, this guy works out. He thinks he is the only one. You don’t tell me what to do little brat, if I see that you write something good, I will acknowledge it. If I see bullshit, I’ll call bullshit

        2. Neil is giving this bullshit “HELP” to people who are working retail at Home Depot

          If you can dead-lift 500 pounds, then please show me the video.

          I’ve seen a lot of people in a weight room, but the kind of training I do is the sort of thing that will make it possible to survive Hell Week for Navy Seals qualification.

          Nobody gives a fuck what some pussy assed bitch chooses to acknowledge. You are too scared to identify yourself.

          I am 31 years old… How old are you?

          1. ahh little brat, do you work at home depot?

            Again, nbgaf about how much weight you can lift. are you fucking blind?

            Age, that is just a measure of the time that has passed through our anatomies. I know many children of 30 years of age. And you are no exception little brat.

        3. You don’t have the stamina to keep posting, because you don’t actually believe in anything.

      1. Looks like you are defending a simpleton who’s commentary is ONE FUCKING WORD, without any fucking explanation…


        1. People who understand complex ideas and scenarios when they are given 1 word have a name: RETARDS.

        2. You just don’t have the stamina to keep up your posting. You probably think that lying is worse than complete indifference. At least people who lie do recognize that there is a distinction between true and false.

  3. I love this!

    I can totally relate to this as I’m currently attempting to follow Tim Ferriss’ advice on creating a ‘second train’.
    Lack of energy and time can be somewhat frustrating at times (I’m a PhD student who’s enjoys far too many things in life!) but no one said it’s easy!

    Thanks, Neil

    1. Sounds like you may want to ride too many trains at once. As a friend once said, get rid of any project that isn’t excellent.

    2. What are you studying in school? The science of indecision? MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND. Multitasking is for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor integrated circuits.

      What it sounds like is that you are LUKE WARM about a bunch of shit you don’t really care about.

      You CANNOT be equally in love with 10 different women, and you CANNOT serve TWO MASTERS, either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

      INDECISION is a terrible way to live.

      1. what do you care what he is studying in school? are you going to fking date him? You CAN be in love with more than 10 women, and you CAN serve two masters. whether you hate them or love them that’s another topic, but you certainly CAN.

      2. Oh my God… You have never read the Bible. You had NO IDEA what gospel passage I was referencing.

        ” No man can serve two masters: for either he
        will hate the one, and love the other; or else
        he will hold to the one, and despise the other.
        Ye cannot serve God and money. ” – Matthew 6:24

        Congratulations, you are now on public record as stating, in no uncertain terms, that you DISAGREE with the words of Jesus.

        1. I have read the bible, but not in English. That translation sucks. The real message is that man cannot serve PROPERLY two masters. HE will eventually prefer one over the other, but he certainly CAN serve them, just not the way it should be. He’ll eventually destroy himself. The translation should be, “no man SHOULD serve two masters”

        2. So you are a Greek and Latin scholar, and you have a problem with widely used Biblical Translations?

          Which language have you read the Bible in? Have you read it cover to cover and word for word?

          All of the this stressing out over syntax is the sort of thing that leads and otherwise healthy individual into an existence paralyzed nervous breakdowns and indecision.

          You SHOULD NOT serve two masters. Those people who try to serve two master are NOT MEN. Does this syntax rearrangement help you out?

        3. Send my regards over to Jesus, because it seems like you have dedicated your life to the correct interpretation of biblical scripture, and perhaps he has even blessed you with some private face time.

    1. I guess that Neil must have been reading your mind, something like when two girls look at each other when they are trying to figure out if they use the same shampoo.

      1. Look at my avatar.

        Blow it up to the size of full screen.

        Then try saying that to my face.

        You don’t have the balls.

      2. I did NOT ask you to marry me, you stupid FAGGOT. I want you to take a video of you looking at my picture where I’m lifting 500 pounds and then call me “a sucker”.

        If you don’t do it, then you don’t have the balls, it is that simple.

        So far, you are an ignorant little COWARD. You don’t have the guts, you don’t have the balls.

        Face to face, I’d have to punch you in the cock, because you don’t have the balls.

      3. You lift 500 pounds? I’ve lived the dangerous streets of South America, I’ve seen people be killed in front of me, I’ve tasted suffering, I’ve survived one of the deadliest diseases that exists, I have also lived in luxury, cars, yachts, beaches, I’ve dined with millionaires, and thanks to Neil, I have enjoyed the company of gorgeous women when I was living in Miami. and you lift 500 pounds? Trust me, face to face, you may be bigger, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another tragedy little brat

      4. There are two kinds of murderers: The ones who get away with it, and the ones who let the eye witnesses live. Innocent bystanders are not the ones who tell stories, they’re just victims of a tragic death, or collateral damage.

        It’s a fact that an 80 pound petite little woman can witness a horrible act of violence, but I can promise you that it does not make her TOUGH. Have you ever killed a man with your bare hands?

        What disease did you have? AIDS? I’m sure that the ladies are really captivated by that survival story.

        You may have driven a Ferrari once or twice, okay, I’ll take your word for it. But I AM A FERRARI. I walk around in the Space Shuttle of living physical bodies… And it’s fucking AWESOME.

        You, on the other hand, are damaged goods.

      1. that’s not a supplication little brat, didn’t they teach you the difference in aerospace fancy school?

      2. redowen333 is being a sycophant, so I call it supplication.

        Aerospace science is NOT fancy… It is crazy fucking hard to understand, and once you do, you can design and build things that have never existed. It gives you the power to create.

        You sound like a “syntax error automaton” currently suffering from segmentation faults, so you need to be reset at the very least, and probably discarded completely.

        1. How is he being a sycophant? What advantage he is trying to gain?? do you even know the meaning of the fucking word?
          I have aerospace science colleagues. They are great friends. You are clearly a shame to that science, STOP referring to it, you are just embarrassing your own field

        2. He is getting on his knees to prepare himself for sucking Neil’s dick. He wants Neil to like him. That is supplication, that is being a sycophant, and that is what Neil teaches you NEVER TO DO.

          Tell me about your aerospace science colleagues…

          You SHOULD not just mention something in passing and refuse to elaborate on it, because it makes you look like an insincere little pussy.

          1. your explanation of the sycophant is a total joke. what you want their names now? a couple of them work for Boeing that’s all I’ll say, I respect their privacy little brat, not everyone prostitutes their information like you

      3. I don’t really want you to share the identities of your friends at Boeing. All I need you to do is pass on some samples of my work to them, and have them write a report to convince you that I am the genuine article.

        Sure, it’s asking a lot of them, but that’s what friends are for. They will enjoy the opportunity of stopping you from losing an old-school internet flame-war.

  4. This article is a good thing for me to see today because I’ve been debating this uneven relationship I am in with a woman. It’s completely open. She sees other people and I can see other people too. It’s just that there isn’t someone else that I’m seeing right now. I’ve thought of telling her to hit the bricks but then there would be no one at all. So what I suppose might be the best approach for me is to get out there and meet new women and try build new relationships. Then, eventually, I will be in something better and tell this one that it’s over.

  5. I can’t help but think that this conflicts with the “How to Break Up” article. That article is clearly saying to leave one train and wait “don’t be an asshole and start going on dates. You’ve waited this long; you can wait another week or two.” But in this article you’re saying not to. So in one sense it’s ok (with work) but in another it’s not (in a relationship). Granted, relationships and work are different. But this doesn’t seem like the way of life to becoming a “better man.” It seems like you’re working the system the best way possible, according to the circumstance. And not holding true to any one ethic of conduct.

    1. They’re completely different things! If you think about it a little, I think you’ll see that both are true and not in any sort of conflict and that equating both is faulty logic.

  6. When i was 21 I had been working the same dead end job working in the kitchen at the hospital for three years. One day I quit my job, packed my stuff, and moved 400 miles from anyone I knew. I left everything behind. Started fresh. Within 24 hours of quitting my job and moving I had a new job building cabinets and custom woodworking. I was homeless moving from one couch to the next meeting contacts mostly with skills i had learned from the society but eventually made my way into a nice house. After only 3 months on the job the new company liked my work ethic so much they flew me to san francisco weekly to install in multi million dollar homes. I wasnt sure in the beginning how I would survive the drastic change I wanted in my life but today, two years after my search of a better life, I am making more than I could have wished for, have settled down with an amazing girl who I once would have considered way out of my league, and am pursuing other dreams of mine I never thought I’d get around to. Thanks to the wise counsel of neil and the confidence to take that leap, I’m a more productive and successful man. I always remind myself, “if you don’t run your Day, your day will run you”.

  7. I haven’t commented for a long time. In fact I haven’t read this blog for a long while. Thanks for the email, Neil.

    One thing to add to the Two Trains: You don’t control train #1, you never control it. If it’s a job you will always be subordinate. Train #2 however, even if it is another job, you have a bit more control. It is a choice to take another job but be wary it doesn’t just become train #1 again. That said train #2 can also be something completely in your control – you get to be the driver.

    Having read some of the comments, I’d like to touch on my brief story. I worked for over 10 years as a physicist (PhD) and a rocket scientist. I have built, designed, tested and flown plasma engines in space. Luckily I managed to get 2 flown and they are helping to guide a science mission in orbit right now. All cool stuff you may think. But no it was train #1. 90% of any job is politics and procedure. And panic.

    I had enough. So I quit. No safety net, no train #2.

    I built a few websites, learned marketing, and started an engineering consultancy. Nothing worked for over 9 months. I went broke and had to move back home (in my case back to Ireland from living in England). I also sold a lot of my stuff and a burgeoning relationship fizzled out. You may try to be in control as a man, but lack of security can eat at your soul and your social status even if you think you are in control.

    Then literally as I settled into my parents house, I got a job back in England. And that started to ball rolling. I got some drive back and now actually work as a contractor (for my own company) and am building up the company to be more than just engineering. So my train #2 is steadily taking shape. The good news is that since I learned all this marketing stuff and read and tried a lot of good advice books for entrepreneurs, I can see more opportunities than I did when I was in the rocket science job. The bad news: well maybe if I had learned and done all the other stuff when I was doing rocket science I could have had a smoother transition. But c’est la vie.

    So yes try and get train #2 going. If you look at it you have nothing to lose.

    1. Great story. I’m sure that process of returning to live with the parents was not the proudest moment of your life. That said, you used that time to build up a great skillset that will take you much further and make you much happier. So good story, and respect for putting the work in to get to Train 2 from the platform and set it in motion.

    2. In the process of developing my train two #2. Never heard of it in this format but its easier to understand and I like it. My love life thanks to Neil, I have covered. My life focus is career and have no doubt in my mind if I put forth the effort learning the skills in attraction and relationships into a career path I cannot fail. Building my train #2 for some time now and I could the happier!
      I am already thinking about train 3 and 4!
      As always…
      Thanks Neil

    3. Cool,

      You quit your job, so tell me where you worked, and I’ll send in my application.

      One man’s loss is another man’s gain. We can all have a good laugh at the cover letter I write.

      1. Are you looking for a job little brat? I have one for you, what about being my little bitch? You are already, so you might as well make it official and get paid

      2. It depends, was Paul Allen looking for a job when he was in the process of co-founding Microsoft?

        I apologize if I have yet to make this clear… I am not in the business of doing charity work for losers who get offended by people who understand how things work.

        1. idgaf about Paul Allen, and idgaf about you. So don’t tell me that you’re not in the “business?” (hahaha you’re a fucking loser) of “charity work?”, tell that to your mommy who may need that. We don’t give a fuck about that here.

      3. You don’t care about anything, because you are an ambivalent fucking weirdo. You are maybe suffering from untreated clinical depression, and I DO care about that, because I might say something that hits a little bit too close to home, and you might end up killing yourself.

        I will have the last say. I recommend that you either identify yourself, or suffer the continual battery of humiliating commentary from a SUPERIOR MAN.

        I am not even upset, I just want what’s best for you, and I’m willing to spend enough time to make that a reality.

        1. so I’ll take that as a yes for the job. Since you are now my little bitch , I recommend for your own sake, stop doing what you are doing, seriously

        2. You’re a VICTIM. The whole of existence has been against you from the moment of conception. Perhaps, you were born with an extra dose of original sin.

  8. I’m on that station platform right now. I finished up my 5th year at a big box retailer as a technician. Finding myself undervalued as someone who was at the top of the store earning rankings and as a senior in college with two associates already under my belt I decided it was time for a change. I saved up a years earnings so I could cruise out this last year and a half at school and focus on the gym. When I jumped off that train I didn’t expect myself to loose a lot of the drive I once had. My grades slipped and I stopped going to the gym. Even worse I pretty much stopped sarging as my free time was no longer as precious as it used to be(When I worked if I had a weekend off it was a green light to sarge). I guess when you are used to having your time stretched you get used to the habit of running at full pace. I got fairly depressed as I began to notice all the negative changes in my life and it only pushed me more into isolation. I started spending my money on extravagant things believe that they would make me happy but they did not. By the time I noticed I had gained 20 lbs stopped talking to many of my friends from school and blew through all of my saved cash and started going into debt a full year in advance of my schedule. Last week I decided that I had to change. I’ve been back at the gym, eating right, and even sarged this past weekend. There’s no guarantees as to the future but for the first time in 6 months I feel good about myself again. I guess the moral of my story is that stress does suck but taken in moderation it can help to keep your priorities in focus. Work sucked but it made me make sure that I was going to live it up in every other aspect of my life. Thanks for the post.

    1. Glad you’re taking the right steps. A friend of mine who suffered from decades of addiction but is now a few years sober still takes life “one day at a time.” I’ve found that in the struggle to work out, eat well, and stay positive, that you can only take it one day at a time. If you slip up and eat fast food, or miss a workout, don’t bail on the whole thing or beat yourself up. Tomorrow morning, focus on that one, single day, and give it all you got again. Keep at it!

    2. Wow, humbling experience. I think that’s another problem: work expands to fill the amount of free time. So often people quit with big plans, then find that it’s just as hard to get around to acting on those plans as it was when they were working.

      And good job getting back on track these last six months. Keep fighting against that entropy. Find that balance of eating right, doing something physical, doing something meaningful, learning, and socializing that can become your new normal.

  9. I like this theory a lot, and am glad Neil resurrected Inner Circle a bit. I’ve always liked this community a bit better than the typical PUA community.

    I recently executed my own Two Trains in life (not having any knowledge of Neil’s advice) and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well it is currently working.

    Having been inspired by Neil and The Game a few years back after a brutal breakup, I moved out to the Rocky Mountains and got a job out in a national park, really just backpacking and climbing and loving life. I had recently graduated college, so I had my degree in my pocket the whole time. After two years of that life, I decided to start applying for jobs in the career field I had originally intended to get in to. To start the second train, if you will. So while I was working and living reasonably well, I was pursuing my other goal as well. Recently, the career job (in the federal security field) has gotten closer to becoming a reality, and aside from stressing out my credit card a bit, it’s been a largely seamless transition from living out of my car in the mountains with a giant beard to being back in the city in a button down shirt and dress pants. Neil’s Two Train idea works, if you plan and execute it well!

    Also, if any of you guys read this, this community is small enough that if we all just ignore StyleOfMan and his douchey bullshit, he really has no power here. Don’t even acknowledge his insipid, garrulous posts. The rest of the Inner Circle is above him, and we can prove that.

    1. lol,

      Rocco, do you understand that you are PREACHING IGNORANCE?

      Do you think that ignoring terrorist threat is also a good idea? Good luck keeping your country safe from it’s coming implosion.

      1. he doesn’t understand because is is NOT preaching ignorance. You don’t live here little brat, so don’t freaking talk about this country.

      2. Listen to me you FAGGOT,

        Telling somebody to “ignore” their problems is PREACHING IGNORANCE.

        Make even just ONE fucking post where you think about a topic and then expound on the way that you interpret it through your belief system.

        Just ONE. And I will humiliate you into clinical depression.

        I will talk about America all I fucking want, and there simply is NOT a damn thing you can do about it.

        Get back to me after America has found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Where the fuck are they?

        You see a picture of me lifting 500 pounds and you call me “little”. Are you trying to be ironic? I am a regular Goliath, or modern day Animal Mother. I am not ashamed about it, because I’ve been training 18 hours per week minimum to make that a reality.

        1. that depends on the context little brat, sometimes you gotta ignore the things that don’t matter. Of course, you can’t ignore relevant things, that’ll be preaching ignorance. But in this case, as Rocco suggests, it is a good thing. So don’t take things out of context. “Expound?” “belief system?” hahaha you make me laugh. You know, when Howard Gardner defined his theory of multiple intelligence, if he had used you as a subject, he would not have found any sign of interpersonal intelligence. zero.

      3. Ignoring is ignoring is ignoring is IGNORANCE.

        Why is that so fucking hard for you to comprehend?

        When you start picking and choosing, then you are simply just justifying your descend into being a lazy fucking slob.

        You may claim that you did not have enough time to be thorough, and hence took the IGNORANT position, which you are NOT proud of, but you MAY NOT ignore something and claim that you are not IGNORANT.


        Now, even you are preaching IGNORANCE.

        1. again little brat, we are not robots, each situation is different, don’t take things out of context sweetheart

        2. What the fuck do you know about robotic automatons? I’ll answer that for you… NOTHING. Why, because I went to school to master the skills in systems design of autonomous robotic systems, and we’ll never know what you went to school for, because you’re too much of a pussy to tell us. You are terrified of internet predators, like a single mother, it’s absurd.


    1. ROTFLMAO…!!!

      Are you fucking kidding me? Neil doesn’t believe that such things even exist. You may as well start a discussion about Jesus of Nazareth.

      1. Roca,

        Stop flirting with me. I understand that you get turned on when reading my posts, but I am telling you to STOP, so you will STOP.

        1. Is that how you flirt little brat? I told you, start behaving and respecting people here, and I will do the same to you. Some shit you write is good, but some is pure crap. I’m just trimming the good stuff from you. and I will not stop until you learn what TACT is.

      2. You wanted my attention, and now I’ve given it to you, so it is time for you to get down on your knees, and SUCK MY DICK.

      3. You just broadcasted to the world that you like to suck 5 year old cock.

        Not the brightest thing to say.

    2. If it’s a strong enough offense against your core values, that would merit jumping off the train right then and there. Keep in mind, you’re probably going to hit the ground pretty hard, but you just have to make that personal call – if you’d rather continue doing something you inherently disagree with, or if you can stomach it long enough to get out safely.

      1. Integrity doesn’t keep you warm and safe.

        If a retail worker jumps off the train, then they will be cold, and in danger.

        Jumping off a train is basic Special Forces Paratrooper training, so different rules apply for different calibers of men.

  10. Came across a rather clever description of hypocrisy:

    “The devoutest person could have rendered no greater homage to the efficacy of an honest prayer than he did in his distrust of his wife. It was as if a professed unbeliever in ghosts should be frightened by a ghost story.” – (Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities)

    Jerry Cruncher is crazy paranoid. A paranoid hypocrite is less repugnant, because he sees himself as the victim of some vast conspiracy which he doesn’t even believe in.

    It reminds me of a guy who is trying to “help” people without actually “helping” them.

    1. Roca,

      Stop flirting with me. I understand that you get turned on when reading my posts, but I am telling you to STOP, so you will STOP.

      I learned how to design and build rocket powered space planes in school… What did you learn to do?

      1. Is that how you flirt little brat? I told you, start behaving and respecting people here, and I will do the same to you. Some shit you write is good, but some is pure crap. I’m just trimming the good stuff from you. and I will not stop until you learn what TACT is.

        I learned how to be the boss of workers like you.

      2. Identify yourself. Where did you go to school? Which Community College?

        You think can can handle being the boss of me? You would NOT last 5 minutes in a position above me. I would make you look like such a pussy that all of your workers would disrespect you and get away with it, because you are too fucking scared to do anything about it.

        1. keep dreaming little brat, dreamers move the world forward, but don’t go too far as to lie to yourself, that’s sad

      3. “I once convinced a woman that I was Kevin Costner, and I wasn’t lying, because ‘I’ believed it.” – Saul Goodman, “Breaking Bad”

        You feel “sad” for me? LOL, you are an emotional WRECK.

    1. StyleofMan…..hmm……ManOfStyle. Coinscience?
      Are you trying to be smart and just failing? You could have been just a bit more imaginative and went with something like, I dunno, TonyFlames maybe?

      Firstly, what’s with all the hate man? People come here for genuine advice not to read some guy with serious anger issues and NPD, rant about sh*t that’s not going to aid their personal growth in anyway (other than the clear distinction between someone who isn’t exactly contented with life, and someone who is, or at least has one.) You claim to be here to help people and yet you have left no advice for anyone who is in the situation in which Neil describes. I will give you one thing though, you have managed to prove to everyone here that no matter how bad you think things are, it could always be worse; could be a total egotistical, self-centered, vainglorious a?!hole. An unforgettable lesson oh great guru! But we have yet to learn more. You claim to be a man; you’re more of a child to me. But hey, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt; maybe you’re just more in touch with your archeo-psyche ego state. You seem to need evidence, so I’ll give you some. You seem to have a particular habit of echoing previous responses. You feel as though it is necessary to respond in an aggressive manner in order to get your point across. Tell me, did you often have to express things in a similar manner to your parents? Or perhaps your father was very much like this. Look, I don’t enjoy getting personal so I’ll leave it there, however, I want you to know something; you claim to be on a path of “excellence” and perfection even though this is something that completely eludes the human psyche. It is a well known fact that imperfection is a human condition and is something that will plague us until the end of days. So please, for your own good, give up this useless charade and come down to Earth.

      (Man your cube must be floating in space, let alone even inside the room!)

      No offence, just being straight with you.

      Trying to Help a Brother Out,

    2. You want advice? From me? LOL

      Quit your bullshit job, stop whining, and go back to school where you will study the mathematics, physics, chemistry, communication, and the computer science needed to qualify you to design, sell, build, and operate rocket powered space planes.

      Further, you shall invest a minimum of 18 hours a week into Special Forces Paratrooper style physical training. This will help you to dead-lift 500 pounds and bust your ass moving boulders around for 11.5 hours and be upset when the sun goes down, because you want to build more.

      Then, and only then, shall you speak to me as a peer. Until then, you will listen to what I say, followed by shutting the fuck UP.

      My cube is the BORG MOTHERSHIP, and it is so massive and complex, that it has it’s own Earth-like gravitational field. It’s floating like the Sun is floating.

      This ain’t no charade, I’m just better than you.

      Neil is not a 6’1″, 248.2 pound man, with Ten Danson hair, the mind of a scientist, and the physical conditioning that gets you through “Hell Week”. Even Neil’s conscience is a bald little turd, and fringe music geek. Did you attend the “Cesaria Evora” funeral, because we all know how much you loved her voice?

      If you want me to help you, then know that I will be doing charity work for you, and thus you shall check your pride at the door and ask politely.

      Your bar is set WAY too fucking low… You give up on tasks that you are fully capable of performing, because you are a pussy. It would surprise you the kind of punishment the human body can tolerate and fully recover from. THE MIND IS WEAK. Your mind is crippled, and hopelessly making BAD CHOICES.

      1. I didn’t say I wanted your advice. I was giving YOU advice. Are you all there? What I’m saying is that life is too short for what you’re doing. You’re just making life harder for yourself and more importantly, no one wants to hear your shit. I must say, you continue to amuse me. Wake up and get a life.

        However I do wonder why Neil doesn’t just ban you. Your abuse to Inner Circle members is appalling. I haven’t been a member for long but I do hope that the community isn’t filled with people like you. That would be a rather disappointing conception to say the least.

        What would you say if I told you you’re more immature than a 17 year old?


      2. You have NOT done your research. You have not even done enough reading. Your insults are bush-league. You call this an “Inner Circle”, when it is actually a publicly accessible marketing blog for which Neil Strauss barely does any writing.

        Neil has not banned me because I am good at writing posts, and I produce original content, and people are entertained by my writing style.

        You NEED advice, because you are an easily offended little geek. You will not take any from me, because you are letting your pride get in the way.

        What the FUCK? How is it possible that you think a man like me would ever turn to a pussy-assed little weirdo like you for advice?

        You call this a “community”? Are you retarded? It was supposed to be such a thing, but that was all just a deceitful marketing tactic that Neil learned from his secret lover boy, Tim Ferriss.

        Neil’s big revelation is that he should never take any risks. That statement is tantamount to settling for being a mediocre normal guy who will never be the cofounder of anything significant, like Google. Thank God that Larry and Sergey never had Neil giving them self-help advice, otherwise, we’d all be wasting our time using “Bing” and “AltaVista”.

        You are a fucking victim.

      3. Correction:

        Neil is a pussy, and he doesn’t even read half of this shit. That is why he hasn’t banned me yet.

        1. haha you design rockets?? and you think that makes you big shit?? that’s why you are my little bitch, we love the way you deceive yourself, that’s why you are not banned, you are a good laugh. Keep posting

        2. Roca,

          Stop flirting with me. I understand that you get turned on when reading my posts, but I am telling you to STOP, so you will STOP.

          Now would be a good time for you to come out of the closet.

          1. Is that how you flirt little brat? I told you, start behaving and respecting people here, and I will do the same to you. Some shit you write is good, but some is pure crap. I’m just trimming the good stuff from you. and I will not stop until you learn what TACT is.

            I’m not like you little brat

        3. You get shot, you run to the cops, YOU NOT LIKE ME.
          You ain’t got no work on the block, YOU NOT LIKE ME.
          It’s hot, you ain’t got no drop, YOU NOT LIKE ME.

          In conclusion; YOU NOT LIKE ME.

          – 50 Cent

          1. hahaha what are you a rapper now?
            50 cent is what people would give you in the streets if they ever saw you, freak

        4. Roca does not have the stamina to keep replying to my posts.

          The guy doesn’t believe in anything beyond looking for superficial ways to disagree with me.

          I want to give the guy a shot, but he doesn’t want me to swindle him, so he remains passive aggressive. I think he wants to suck my dick, he’s giving me so much attention.

  11. Reminds me of that saying about how women are like monkeys, swinging from one vine to another, staying in a relationship until a better one comes along.

  12. Good time yes… Lesson learned the hard way also.
    Wasn’t happy with my job and was about to come down with a case of oneitis.
    Literally through my hands in the air and walked out of my job… Got off at the train depot.
    $20k ahead and zero debt, take my girlfriend on a vacation, come back home and watch all the trains go by.
    Broke up with the very selfish girlfriend and $25K in the hole.
    I am back working, doing what I have been doing, hating it more and more with a bonus kicker of hating myself.
    I am slowing learning to be happy and I know I need to keep doing what I am doing. Keep riding that train, man.
    After reading “The Two Trains Theory”, a light bulb just flickered.
    Now we will see if it sinks in to my thick skull.

  13. I have the FINAL SAY.

    Failure to identify himself, followed by failing to respond to each of my comments means that Roca has FAILED.

    He’s an incompetent hater, hiding behind anonymity. As soon as he realized that he was saying shit he couldn’t support, then he QUIT, so he is also a QUITTER.

    Let that be a lesson to you all.

    1. the only lesson to be learned here is that if you are going to go around talking bullshit and being a fucking bully, you must EXPECT opposition. That’s life. And if you can’t cope with it, don’t fucking cry about it.

    2. You are hiding behind anonymity like a garden variety pussy.

      Introduce yourself here, or send me an email, because me NOT being a pussy, I have shared my identity. I have no need to hide behind anything, and you do.

      1. I tell you to introduce yourself, and you reply with one word, “Faggot”.

        Okay, I accept that you are a “Faggot”.

        You’ve just registered for the Nuclear Arms Race, holding a pair of Nike sneakers… Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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