• Friday Gear Report: May 27

    What kind of clipboard would Batman use? One made of Level II body armor of course. ThinkGeek is...

    Please to get the full story

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    6 Responses to “Friday Gear Report: May 27”

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    1. russianbear121 says:

      Useless. 3 Lbs???? How will this help?….”wait don’t shoot. hit my clipboard…..” lol

      Try this. Bulletproof clothes that don’t look bulletproof.

      Now you can feel safe.

    2. psychonaut says:

      not impressed at all. wanna impress me? hold the damn thing and show me it works. I almost expect to find in the box at the very bottom tucked away a disclaimer with all sorts of bullshit terms conditions legalese

    3. Sinnergy says:

      Like this you mean, Psychonaut:

      I was there when he did that…
      Madness, but what a way to sell your product!

    4. TalonArms says:

      I can see plenty of applications where this would be useful. Attach a neck chain and drop inside your shirt for quick protection. You can use it as a shield to rush an active shooter with a handgun if you are boxed in. And at 3#, it would be effective when used as a striking weapon on the flat side or the edge. And it only costs $45. Even a shitty used vest on Ebay is going to cost you $200 plus and a good quality vest new is over $500.

    5. AyameIris says:

      You have to understand the point of, they purposely sell kind of useless stuff with a decidedly tongue-in-cheek attitude. It’s supposed to be silly and funny. The website sells “canned unicorn meat” and a TV remote that looks like a wand from Harry Potter, so I don’t think they legitimately think you’re going to try and stop a bullet with a clip board.

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