Justin Thought He Had No Shit

Neil StraussNeil

Last week, I wrote about how most of us carry around a Big Bag of Shit in our lives that gets in the way of our happiness and relationships.

When I sent an email to the members of my Inner Circle letting them know about the post, I made a special challenge:

“If you read the article and you don’t think you’re carrying around a bag of shit at all, then respond to this email. I will call one person who writes in and claims to be shit-free, and we will talk and find out whether your self-assessment is correct or not.”

“I’m willing to bet I find some giant turds.”

Of the hundred or so responses I received, Justin’s topped them all. He ended his email with the bold statement: “If you want a man without shit, I’ll bet you that I’m the only one who will respond to your email.”

I had a busy day ahead of me recording an audiobook, so I woke up at the crack of dawn (at least for me) the next morning. I simply had to call him and discover if he was truly shit-free!

And what happened?

Hear for yourself.

(Spoiler: It took less than six minutes to find a bag of turds.)

We recorded our call to help you with your own personal search-and-destroy mission. It starts slow as I begin exploring, so feel free to jump in at the halfway mark if you’re short on time.


And I know I keep quoting The Truth before it’s even out (impatience may be in my bag of shit), but here’s a quote from the book to think about as you listen: “The underlying cause of most unfulfilled lives is that we are simply too close to ourselves to see clearly enough to get out of our own way.”

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What are your thoughts on the call? Did this help you discover something or want to discover something in yourself?

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