The Truth Barrel, Episode 2: Surviving Death with Marc Weingarten & Larry Miller

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Listen ➙ The Truth Barrel, Episode 2: Marc Weingarten & Larry Miller

What can we learn from those who’ve been close to death, or even died, and lived to tell about it?

In this surprising and revelatory episode, Neil and Gabby speak with actor/comedian Larry Miller (Best in Show, Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries) about his death and his story of meeting God face-to-face to receive a life-changing message.


Marc Weingarten talks about surviving death in The Truth Barrel

They also talk to Bachelor producer and former LA Times writer Marc Weingarten, who was sure he was going to die from cancer, about what it took for him to beat it and how his entire perspective on life changed afterward.

What’s most surprising about these interviews is that they don’t just provide answers. They raise new questions. To quote the tattoo that Weingarten put on his arm afterward: “Lost time is not found.”

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