The Truth Barrel, Episode 3: Laird Hamilton and Greg Long on Re-Evaluating Death to Improve Performance

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Listen ➙ The Truth Barrel, Episode 3: Laird Hamilton and Greg Long

What makes extreme surfers and athletes Laird Hamilton and Greg Long so successful at what they do?

In this podcast, Neil Strauss and Gabby Reece explore an idea rarely, if ever, discussed: That it is your relationship with death that makes you great at life.

For innovator Laird Hamilton, arguably the biggest name in big-wave surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, there is a window between when you think you’re going to die and when you’re actually going to die. And it’s in that window that he explores in his performance.

For Greg Long, watching friends die gave him the motivation to live the best life possible. But when he drowned during a big-wave surfing accident, after he was brought back to consciousness, it changed everything for him. The insights he got from this experience will change your life, just as they did Neil’s and Gabby’s from hearing about them.

You’ll also hear Hamilton’s story about being lost at sea and what he promised to the universe he’d do if he was ever rescued.

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