The Truth Barrel, Episode 4: Changing Your Habitat for Better Health with John Durant

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John Durant (center) talks about changing your habitat to get healthier

John Durant (center) talks about changing your habitat to get healthier

In this episode, Neil and Gabby discuss how to optimize your everyday habits with author, entrepreneur and professional caveman, John Durant (The Paleo Manifesto and Spartan Fit!). Topics include getting a better shower with no soap, getting a better sleep by simulating a cave environment, lifting your mood by getting in sync with circadian and seasonal rhythms, and designing the ultimate workout based on thousand-year-old rituals. These counter-intuitive practices just might change the way you live your life.

They also talk about how John received a hundred emails from meat-eating, lactose-intolerant, Celiac women after his appearance on The Colbert Report where he described his ideal woman (or as Neil puts it, “tried to impose a plan on nature”), and get in a friendly argument about what makes a long-term relationship work.
In addition to learning about how early humans were the original zombies and how rabies is like Viagra, you will want to buy a lot of things after this episode, so make sure you have a pen and paper ready.

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