The Truth Barrel, Episode 6: Receiving Routine Childhood Vaccinations and Its Potential Risks with Dr. Jay Gordon and Jake Peters

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Can you trust your doctor?

Do hospitals actually have your best health in mind?

Will immunizations keep you healthy or get you sick?

Neil has been going through one of the greatest challenges new parents face: making medical decisions for their child.

In this episode, he and Gabby talk to one of the most well-known and highly recommended pediatricians in Southern California, Dr. Jay Gordon, about the truth behind vaccinations, as well as the weaknesses and strengths of the hospital and medical system.

Afterward, they drive to visit an amazing and inspirational teenager.

After receiving an HPV and flu shots when he was 17, Jake Peters experienced chest pain and had trouble breathing at a baseball practice. An hour later at the hospital, he had neck pain and suddenly was unable to move and had to be carried to a wheelchair. img_4841

Diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica, a rare disorder that affects the eye nerves and the spinal cord, he has little to no movement from the neck down and breathes with the help of a ventilator. His parents are now trying to determine if the HPV shot that he had prior to the incident could have triggered the disease.

Jake’s story, and his attitude towards, life just may inspire you, as it did Neil and Gabby.

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