The Truth Barrel, Episode 8: Raising Children Without a Power Struggle and Building Healthy Relationships with Hand in Hand Parenting

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Listen ➙ The Truth Barrel, Episode 8: Abigail Wald and Catherine DeMonte 

This episode is the reason why Neil and Gabby started the podcast.

This week, they’re joined by two incredible experts: Abigail Wald (Hand in Hand Parenting) who is an expert on parenting, and Catherine DeMonte (Marriage, Family, Child Therapist) who is an expert on relationships. They get into how to shift your relationship with your children without a power struggle and how trying to help them may actually be hurting them, and how to shift that.

As Neil notes, most of these techniques can be used to massively improve your romantic relationships as well.

They also go through the 5 essential tools you can use for raising children and just nurturing healthy relationships. So whether you have kids or not, you can still learn something from this episode as they discuss how the way you’re raised affects your relationships and creates who you are today.

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