The Truth: In Stores Today

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It’s a strange process to release a book,
or anything, into the world.

Already, the first articles about the new book
are turning into a strange narrative that is so
far from The Truth.

So in preparation for you to read the book
today, I want to tell you what my thoughts are on The Game
and The Truth.

Just so whatever you may read, and however things
may be presented, you know my direct thoughts.

I see them as bookends.

The Game leads to The Truth.

That’s why one is designed like a black
bible and the other like a white bible.

In the media, The Game seems to be portrayed
as the douchebag handbook by those who
haven’t read it.

In real life, as all of us know here, The Game is
simply the story of my journey through the
seduction community and the characters in it.

It’s what I thought was positive about that world,
what I thought was negative, and what I thought
was interesting. It’s how I got seduced by it and
how I left it.

So it would be impossible for me to ever renounce
The Game as a book. It was a part of my life.

However, the world of the pickup artists is another
story, especially since a certain element of it has
become increasingly hateful over the years.

But, despite all the insane behavior even I
witnessed at the time, it has ultimately been
the single-most important positive influence
on my life.

Up until The Truth.

If I had known about the things in The Truth, I
wouldn’t have needed The Game.

This is true on a sexual level, because in The Truth
I infiltrated sexual subcultures where you don’t
need any Game to have a night of decadence and
connection that you’ll never forget. Everyone is
there solely to hook up.

And this is true on a transformational level, because
in The Truth, I went straight into the operating
system that is my mind and debugged it. Basically,
everything related to Deep Psychology that I’ve
been sharing with you over the last two years has
The Truth as its source.

This is why when I look back not on The Game
itself, but on the person I was during that period,
I see a lot of problematic beliefs. Especially when
I think about the reason I entered that world, which
was based on a fear of rejection and a need for
validation and control.

And this is a great shift in thinking to have.

Because if I hadn’t grown and changed, there
would be no point in writing a new book.

It’s the next stage of the journey—if you’re ready
for it.

On the surface, The Truth may be a journey
through modern-day harems, scientists, swingers,
sex addicts, sex anorexics, priestesses, leather
families, former child actors, relationship gurus,
murderers, geneticists, and the terrifying secrects
of my past.

But it’s ultimately about getting to a place where
the only validation you need is from yourself. And
from there, you can then bring forth anything in
your life from a place of true inner strength,
confidence, and centeredness.

If The Game was about pretending to be non-needy,
The Truth is about actually being non-needy.

It’s the best, most important book I’ve written. And
it answers some of the biggest questions there are
about sex, relationships, monogamy, and CNM
(consensual non-monogamy).

So I’m excited to share it with you.

Thanks for continuing on this journey with me.

I have a feeling this new book is going to hit
some of you hard.