The Truth: Officially A New York Times Bestseller

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HarperCollins has confirmed that The Truth made the New York Times Bestseller List.

Thank you — to my incredible street team. And of course to each of you who went out and picked up a copy, told a friend about it, supported bookstores, or came (or plans to come) to one of the tour stops. This would not have been possible without you.

But much more important than any accolades is this: I wrote the book for only one deeper purpose. And that is to help you see yourself, to help you understand yourself, to help you break out of the prison of your programming and beliefs.

I wanted to share my journey not just to entertain, but to spark something in you.

And the feedback so far has been nothing short of astounding. To share just a short one from Facebook that says it all: “This book is healing a lot of people.”

So thank you. Please continue to share your stories and insights as you read. That’s what makes it all worth it.

I’ve been busy—on a mission—to get the word out about everything I’ve learned. It’s been bottled up for five years, just waiting for this moment.

So if you are finished with the book, and you want more. Or if you are just a glutton for punishment, here are a few things I’ve written and recorded over the past few weeks.

You may need to take a deep breath. It’s a lot:


1. The Telegraph was kind enough to let me write a piece digging deep into the psychology behind The Truth and some of the lessons in it. If you haven’t seen it yet, I think you’ll get a ton out of it and want to pass it around to those who need it. Read it by clicking here.

2. Unbeknownst to me, it turns out that Buzzfeed commissions some incredible essays from serious authors. And I was lucky enough to be selected to write one. This was based on an outtake from the book. If you recall in my emails on the Six Levels of Change, I discussed how the deepest transformation happens during a spiritual shift. The following is a story about that. Read this one by clicking here.

3. A TMZ reporter accosted me in New York the other day. And he seemed disappointed that the new book was all about love, and not about pickup. I told him that the craziest sexual adventures I’ve had in my life have been in relationships. So if you haven’t read the book yet, and don’t believe me, here’s an edited excerpt on an anything-goes sex party that Tim Ferriss put up on his blog. Click here for a NSFW read.

4. I remember years ago, a relative newcomer in the pick-up field named Jordan Harbinger had an Internet radio show called The Art of Charm. Then they were on Sirius. Now they have one of the most listened to podcasts in the world. I’ve enjoyed watching him on his own incredible personal and professional journey, so recently we had a chance to discuss the good old days and the even better new days. You can listen to it here.

5. Now this is a strange one. Lewis Howes is an emerging thought leader I’ve been friends with for a while. He has his first big book coming out on Tuesday, “The School of Greatness.” And he just happened to do a podcast with me as he was breaking up with his girlfriend. And, oh man, we got into it. This is a really heavy conversation. And unfortunately, it was so heavy that he had to take it down, edit out some of the things he said, and put it back up. So I haven’t heard the edit, but he assures me that it hasn’t lost any of its power. He said he’s never received this amount of emotional feedback from a podcast. Listen to it by clicking here.

6. Did you miss the event at The Strand where I introduced the writing and ideas of Esther Perel and Christopher Ryan to readers. Well, now you can watch and listen to these brilliant, passionate minds by clicking here.

6.5. At the crack of dawn the next morning, Christopher Ryan and I had a chance to talk one-on-one in more depth about The Truth. I was kind of exhausted and delirious, but anyway, that podcast is here.

7. Finally, this one is a real trip. I did a podcast called I Love Marketing with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson, and it turns out that one of the marketers is a recovering sex addict. So we dove deep into addiction. You can cap off your podcast marathon with this one here.

Okay, that’s at least six hours of pure Neil Strauss action.

If you consume all of it, you deserve some sort of award.

(Especially if you’re putting up with my frigging annoying laugh through all these podcasts.)

But mostly, I just want to let you know where all this stuff can be found so you can support those who supported The Truth. And because I think you’ll enjoy some of it.

Note that there are some spoilers in a few of the podcasts. So be good and finish the book first!

Thank you again. Exciting time.