3 Ways To Be More Likeable Today

Richard ArthurAdvice

Anytime you’re interacting with someone, you should put these principles into play…

I personally run a mental check list to make sure that I’m playing my cards right.

These principles create attraction and interest, two things that are important if you want to leave a good impression on someone, or escalate a relationship…

So, let’s dive in…

Be Relaxed

This not only increases the quality of your interactions, it puts the other person at ease.

A relaxed person is attractive and lets the other person know you’re comfortable with yourself.

Overthinking your next move will make you look insecure (and creepy).

Relax and allow yourself to be completely present in your interaction – and give the other person the gift of the entirety of your attention.

Some “relaxation hacks”:

Be Positive

Positivity is contagious.

Everyone loves a genuine smile, a strong positive vibe, and passion with each word you speak.

This just creates instant “like.”

If you’re just meeting with someone, never say something negative about yourself.

Don’t share your insecurities.

Be positive.

It signals “strength” to the other person, and is important.

The fact is…

Most people are surrounded by negativity, and just love the chance to be in the presence of someone who can see the positive in everything.

The same “relaxation” hacks can also be used as positivity hacks..

Personally, a daily gratitude journal has helped me become a happier and more positive person.

Every night before you go to sleep, list all the things you’re grateful for.

Here’s my gratitude this morning:

  • Grateful for coffee..
  • Grateful for the sun..
  • Grateful I get to write and impact you with these emails..
  • Grateful for a supportive woman…
  • Grateful for my good health.

Be Confident

Confidence breeds….. everything.

If you don’t believe in yourself or your value, nobody else will.

Confidence is built by focusing on yourself, not others.

You are the center of your universe.

Your attention should be on you (not in a narcissistic way).

If you don’t like something about yourself, change it.

You can change almost everything in your life.

Stop creating excuses, and remember:

You are the most powerful person in the universe.

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