5 Ways To Get Your Time Back

Richard ArthurAdvice

There’s a myth that time is money.

In fact, time is more precious than money.

It’s a nonrenewable resource.

Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever.

The above is a quote from Dr. Neil Fiore.

Your biggest asset is your time because you can never get it back.

And the biggest time waster today is…

Social Media.

It’s a blessing and a curse – while allowing us to stay connected to those we care about – it has also created a massive attention and perception problem.

Social media is designed to be addictive, and stimulates the same part of your brain as cocaine – your dopamine receptors.

The result is a society of drones that have left the real world behind in an attempt to embrace the false perception of a virtual world.

Just go outside on a beautiful day and watch these zombies locked into their phones – oblivious of the beauty around them.

These people are not present – they are not living in the moment.

The worst part of this, though, is not only the false perception of the world around us, but…

The amount of time we waste here.

It’s become a norm to spend hours checking all of your social media.

And this is often taking us away from becoming our best selves and performing at our highest capacity.

We are being robbed of our most valuable resource.

You need to understand that social media is not a necessity in your life, but only a small supplement.

Here are a few ways to take your time back without being that weird guy without a Facebook:

1).  Delete The Facebook App From Your Phone

Or at the very least disable the push notifications.

These apps are designed to be addictive and stimulate your dopamine receptors, and each notification is like an invitation back to the time-wasting party.

2).  Get Rid Of Your Newsfeed

If you’re like me, and randomly log onto Facebook every few minutes to see what’s on the feed, you need this app:

Download “Newsfeed Eradicator” – it replaces your newsfeed with a motivational quote.

3).  Use Self Control

For your most important tasks, download this app: SelfControl– it completely blocks out sites of your choosing for a set amount of time (and there’s no way to reverse it).

I use it when writing.

4).  Track Your Time

What gets measured gets managed..

Download RescueTime and see where you spend most of your time.

This app showed me that I was wasting around 4 hours per day on Facebook — which shocked me and inspired this email.

5).  Batch Your Social Media…

Dedicate a set hour to check all of your social media once per day.

This requires a bit of discipline but is the most valuable tip of them all.

I highly recommend treating this post as serious – especially if you’re like me, and at the end of some “productive” days, you confusingly wonder to yourself:

What the fuck did I accomplish today, really?

Try this for one month and see how much more productive you are.

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