Face Your Fears Before Breakfast

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Face Your Fears Before Breakfast

Cold therapy in the morning is one of the best ‘life-hacks’ I’ve ever adopted.

Every morning, I get up, and automatically head to the shower.

I put the temperature on “cold A.F.”, and let the water run for a minute or so…

Set your shower temperature on COLD A.F.

In this time, I can feel my brain trying so hard to “keep me in the comfort zone of life.”

It’s trying to rationalize all the reasons why I shouldn’t step into this cold shower…

About why going back to bed under the warm cover is a much better idea.

And it takes serious will-power to ignore that inner voice.

Sometimes I catch myself staring at the cold water running for upwards of 5 minutes, motivating myself to take that first step towards the ice cold water….

Usually, I make my feet move one foot in front of the other, in spite of my brain telling me “no.”

And it’s the perfect metaphor for life…

The first step is always the hardest, and you’ll always have fears and doubts.

But once you act in spite of your fear and take that first step….

You realize:

It’s not that bad.

The act of pushing through your fears and leaving the comfort zone is a great way to start every morning.

It reinforces your will-power and mental toughness.

Plus — plenty of studies out there show that ‘cold therapy’ helps you beat depression, boost your testosterone, and helps relieve stress – among other things.

As soon as you step into the cold shower, the shock wakes you up better than coffee…

You feel your breathing change, your blood flow is improved, and you feel alive.

The electrical impulses from your nerve endings hit your brain and trigger a heightened sense of alertness…

And that’s how I like to start each day.

For me, taking a cold shower every morning is a commitment to facing my fears — every day.

Because when you start your day in freezing cold water, all of a sudden, the other ‘fears’ you have, don’t seem all that bad at all…

To recap:

  • Try this and let Neil know how the cold made you feel.

  • Just 30-60 seconds under the cold water is enough to get the benefits.

  • Remember to focus on your breathing.

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