Your Second Brain

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You have a second brain that helps run the one in your head.

You see, there is something living inside of your gut.

To be more specific, there is a whole ecosystem of living creatures, of microbes, living inside your body that, combined with a vast neural network, make up what’s known as your second brain.

To be clear, this brain doesn’t reason, solve complex equations or anything like that.

But it includes over 500 million neurons – the same type of cells that compose your actual brain – which it uses to communicate the status of our internal well-being to our brain.

Living Creatures In Our Body

You see, the living creatures in our body are not there to take over.

Their primary role is to help us in digesting food, absorbing nutrients, regulating our appetite, and fighting off viruses and other bodily invaders.

But they also help us manage our cognitive and emotional function by producing and regulating roughly 30 different neurotransmitters, including:

  • Oxytocin: the love and bonding hormone.
  • GABA, which helps us calm irritability, nervousness, and anxiety.
  • Cortisol: the stress hormone, which is produced in smaller quantities when our gut is healthy.

And most importantly, it is responsible for half the production of our Dopamine (which is used to make us feel good when we accomplish meaningful tasks), and up to 95% of our Serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for our feelings of happiness).

In other words, an unhealthy gut increases our stress and anxiety levels, makes us feel unhappy, and makes it much more difficult for us to connect with others in a meaningful way.

But when you take care of your gut by feeding it properly, you can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels, feel healthier, happier, more present, and have better relationships with the people you love.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means that in order for your Inner Game to be as strong as it could be and to be able to make emotionally healthy decisions…

You have to start making regular healthy decisions.

And that starts with what you put in your gut.

So in the next blog post, I’m going share with you this crazy thing Neil has me doing that’s helping me keep a healthy gut, but also restores electrolytes in my body, lowers my blood pressure and blood sugar, improves my heart’s efficiency, and more.

So keep an eye out for that.

Until then, make sure to take care of your gut bacteria. They just want you to feel better.

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