The Morning Holy Hour

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Chances are, if you’re like most…

Getting out of bed in the morning isn’t exactly the most awesome thing ever.

And I get it. Trust me.

But what if I told you that for some, the morning is the most important part of the day?

A time for inner peace, uninterrupted productivity, and self-reflection.

Winners know that getting a head start in the calmest hours of the day provides a momentum that carries on throughout the entire day.

And it’s not just about being more productive and getting more done.

Studies show that morning people are happier and more proactive.

(on the contrary – night owls are classified as more intelligent and productive).

See, while most people are hitting the snooze button in bed, or fumbling to put their pants on and rush out the door, you have an opportunity to set the stage for an amazing day by exploiting the morning holy hour…

The morning holy hour is 60 minutes to stimulate the mind, nourish the body, and develop your character.

It involves getting up early to do some internal work, and letting all of that carry on with you through your day.

This holy hour starts the night before, though.

If you haven’t already read my last post, read “how to sleep like a boss”.

Read that before continuing this post.

I’ll just wait right here….


All caught up on nightly rituals? Okay, good.

Now you’re ahead of the game.

The world around you is sleeping, and you’re experiencing your greatest inner peace and serene silence in the calmest hours of the day.

This could be a great time to get a head start on your day without the daily distractions of life, or a time for self reflection and inner work.

How To Create A Morning Holy Hour

Avoid Anything That Disconnects You From Yourself

Don’t wake up and:

1. Check your phone

2. Check your email

3. Interact in any way with social media

4. Turn on the TV or watch YouTube

5. Do anything that will either numb you or produce anxiety.

Work Your Body

Just 10-15 minutes of focused exercise in the morning is all you need to reap the positive benefits.

Do you know how good it feels to be done with your exercise before people even wake up?

The cascade of endorphins and blood flow from your workout translates into positive thoughts that last throughout the day, not to mention the energy boost and mental edge to swiftly deal with anything that comes your way.

There’s no better way to start the day.

Work Your Mind

As little as 10 minutes of meditation will provide an amazing calm and clarity that will last throughout the day.

My next post will be on meditation, and will give you the steps you need to make your brain happy.

Learn Something

Read anything that inspires you, stimulates you, or gives you an edge in your industry.

Reading in the morning (ideally with your coffee) puts new thoughts and ideas into your head.

Read about something or somebody you’re interested in.

All it takes is one idea in one book to completely change your life.

And at the very least, you’ll have something interesting to talk about with strangers.

Write Something

Write about anything you want – the day ahead, your goals, lessons learned, anything.

The point is to articulate your thoughts and hone your skill of writing, which is a pretty damn valuable skill.

I use this cool service called that emails me every morning and asks me to write about the day.

The e-mail includes a random entry from the past. It shows me progress not only in my writing, but in my personal development.

I’ve seen many goals manifested into reality through my journal and it’s a pretty sweet way to keep records and track your life progress, as well as notice patterns in your life, and learn from your mistakes.

Plus, it’s kinda fun and therapeutic talking to yourself.

Nourish Your Body

Instead of wasting time cooking, or slowing yourself down by eating a big meal – prepare a superfood shake or drink a green juice to fuel your body and mind.

Make sure you drink water too.

Our brains are 85 percent water, so this is crucial.

If you want the ultimate recipe for healthy, hydrating water, Neil’s friend Darin (who writes books on these things) recommends:

A liter of distilled water with a pinch of unrefined crystal salt, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and squeezing in a little fresh lemon juice.

Studies show that water makes you smarter and your moods more stable.

If you can start your morning with good habits, healthy clarity, and self-care, these qualities will follow you around through the day.

You’ll be charged in your body, mind, and spirit—and ready to do much more at a higher functioning level in less time.

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