Don’t Talk About Your Goals, Be About Your Goals

Richard ArthurAdvice

Science shows that talking about your goals makes you less likely to reach them.

Of course, like every scientific claim, there are studies that prove the opposite.

Accountability certainly helps when setting big ass goals, but there is a catch:

You should be accountable to a professional invested in your success – like a coach, mentor, or mastermind group like The Society.

It is not wise being accountable to friends and family—because most of the time, they are secretly wishing for you to fail.

Not because they have anything against you—but because they fear that you will become better than them.

Lots of research shows that talking about your goals makes you less likely to reach them.

Psychologists call this a “social reality” — talking about your goal brings you satisfaction, which tricks your mind, and makes you less motivated to do the actual work…

How many of you can relate?

I can’t tell you how many times people have emailed to tell me all of their grand plans and ambitions.

And when I follow up months later to check on their progress?



It’s wiser to keep your head down and grind.

You must delay the instant gratification and social bonding you feel when you “talk about it” – and instead, be about it.

The rewards are far greater when the work is done.

For me, the process looks something like this:

1. Think very clearly about what you want to do. Make sure you are internally motivated.

2. Create the plan for making it happen.

For example, if you’re writing a book, the plan would be:

a. Get clear on the idea and sketch out the contents of the book.

b. Commit to a daily writing session with a writing prompt until all the contents are done.

c. Hire an editor and self publish, or find a publisher.

3. Remove your emotion from your goal, and execute the plan like a professional until you’re done.

4. Celebrate! Give yourself an incentive for completing, and take a moment to enjoy the dopamine rush you feel after completing a goal.

Now, back to the drawing board…

Each goal you accomplish is only the start of the next goal, usually a bigger one. It’s a beautiful process.

To recap…

Talking = Demotivating
Action = RESULTS

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