8 More TV Shows That Ripped Off The Game

Neil StraussNeil

It seems that one of the most popular post on this blog is the 11 Rip-Offs piece, in which we put together eleven TV clips that blatantly ripped off The Game and its various spin-offs.

Thanks to your comments, here are 8 more good examples.


1. How I Met Your Mother – Barney’s Playbook – I’m not entirely convinced this one is Game-derived like the others below, but you guys agreed it was–and it is well done.

2. SNL – Clinton Halloween Party – This one’s really surreal: The real Obama in a sketch with a fake Mystery.

3. The Mentalist – Crimson Casanova

4. Parks & Recreation – Peacocking

5. Parks & Recreation – Upping Your Game

6. Ugly Americans – Reading The Game

7. Jake & Amir – PUA Techniques

8. Wainy Days – The Pickup (YouTube Original series, featuring Paul Rudd)