Friday Gear Report: Para Cord Survival Bracelet

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Today I bring you Bison Designs Para Cord Survival Bracelet. It’s for those that love combining and shrinking the amount of gear they carry.

How doesn’t love survival bling? Admittedly, I don’t. But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate a good para cord bracelet when I  see one. The Bison Designs offering did actually peeked my interest…

They are not the first to produce a para cord survival bracelet. But they are the first–that I’m aware of–to combine it with a fire starter and striker.

  • Made of 550 test cord.
  • Cobra Weave
  • One inch toggle bar made out of flint fire starter
  • Sharp eye stainless steel one inch knife woven inside 16 feet of 550 pound paracord
  • 10-Percent of the proceeds go to wounded veteran charities
  • Adjustable size cut to fit and seal with flame

Priced at approximately $25, the Bison Designs Para Coard Survival Bracelet is inline with other survival bracelets of less utility.