Friday Gear Report: BriteLyt Petromax Lantern

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I don’t often get excited about survival gear–anymore. When searching for products to talk about for the Friday Gear Report it’s typically the most boring part of my week, “Oh gee, another blue survival widget. Ho hum… ” However, this is one of those rare times in recent memory I actually became giddy while looking at a product.

I have spent the last six months looking at vintage pressurized lanterns. Sure, Coleman lanterns work, but what about style and quality? When I look at them I don’t think the person that designed them or the person that made them cared about what they were making. I see no passion and lack of passion produces a blah outcome.

Have I ever mentioned I am a little OCD?

Recently, while browsing some of the sites that sell vintage pressurized lanterns like Petromax, Hipolito, Aida, and Geniol I stumbled upon a U.S. company that is bringing back the Petromax brand and improving on it.

Meet the new Petromax

Founded in 1998 with the idea that the world needed a better pressurized lantern, BriteLyt takes the Petromax brand to new heights.

How does one improve on a pressurized lantern? For starters you make them the old fashion way–with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. Then you make them better by improving the efficiency. Next you design and produce a whole bunch of relevant accessories like: cook top attachment, heater attachment, wire mesh guard that can replace the glass, a valve that can take a bicycle pump instead of pushing over and over and over on a built-in tiny pump. You offer it in brass, nickel plated, and a military-matte finish. You create a metal case that can protect and hold it all. Finally, and most importantly, you make them truly multi-fuel!

When BriteLyt says multi-fuel, they mean multi-fuel: all Jp fuels, White Gas, Mineral Spirits, Charcoal Lighter fluid, lamp oils, Coleman fuel, Gasoline, E85 Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, Biodiesel, Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol–requires attachment). Conversely, the best you can get out of other lanterns are duel fuel–Coleman fuel and Unleaded Gas.

How durable are these things?

Eddie, of BriteLyt, told us: I had one out in a Florida Hurricane. Took 40 mile per hour wind and rain with a reflector on – no problem. They are very sturdy. If a part does break or wear out, replacement parts are very inexpensive. The replacement parts and new parts we sell will always work with older models. We always keep being fair to the customer in mind. No over blown prices to fix what you have already paid for and no making it so you have to buy a whole new one just to get an upgrade.

How bright are they?

A single mantel BriteLyt Petromax Lantern has approximately the same output as 4 – 5 double mantel Coleman Lanterns. Using one of our new stainless steal nozzles ($24.99) will increase that output further by 10 – 20%.

I was also informed that Stock is low now, but BriteLyt expects to start shipping again in a month or two. Right now they are running a discount for people that preorder.

Coming Soon

In the next month, the BriteLyt website will be getting a face lift. They are also just months away from opening their new factory.

Our new factory will open in July or August. We expect to be at 80 – 100% made in the USA at that time.

Last, but not least, BriteLyt will also be coming out with some new products in the coming months.

We will be introducing a new: 30 year mantel, cook top, 28 hour lantern, and Methanol/Alcohol lantern. Our Methanol lantern will be the first of its kind.

Look for a full product review as soon as we get our hands on one – a couple of months. I have high hopes they will love up to all their claims.

Manufacturer’s Website: BriteLyt Petromax Lanterns