Monday Gear Report: Pocket Grappling Hook

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To go along with your grappling hook launcher from Friday, you may want a pocket grappling hook.

CountyComm, purveyor of random military/survival items, often showcases products that appeal to the adolescent would be ninja in all of us. Although the EOD Robotics pocket (must be a big pocket) grappling hook was not intended for this purpose, it definitely fits into that category.

All kidding aside, the pocket grappling hook was built with a purpose – snagging trip wires. However, it could also be used for retrieving things from a body of water or leaving out to get a rise out of your girlfriend, “Haven’t you broken enough bones?”

From CountyComm:

The pocket grappling hook was originally built by EOD Robotics, Inc. at the request of a desert warfare operator. He explained his need for a light weight, reusable grappling hook that could be used to snag trip wires or command detonation wires on IEDs in a combat environment. Soon other members of the military saw how useful they were and ordered another production run.
Features include:


Pocket size: stowed size: 1? x 5.5 ” (also fits in your collapsible mine probe pouch)
Weight (without water or sand ballast) 5 oz.
Collapsable: The spikes unscrew and are stored in the water resistant O-ring sealed body.
Variable weight: by adding sand, dirt or water into the body of the grappling hook you can increase the weight of the hook for more effective throwing range.

The disclaimer reads:

These hooks are not certified for life support activities and should not be used for any life support function. They are designed to pull trip wires.

Yes, I tried it even though it is not meant to support a person. Yes, it did hold all 180lbs of me. No, I do not think anyone should test it. If you do, it’s at your own risk.