Survival Gear Guide: Nokero Solar Light Blub

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The Nokero Solar Light Bulb is the brain child of Mr. Stephen Katsaros and delivers a unique solution to an all to common problem – how do you produce light safely without traditional power sources.

I love solar gadgets especially for hurricane preps and camping. They cut down on having to drag a lot of batteries along when camping or keep quite as many batteries on hand for home preps.

Having lived on the Gulf Coast my whole life I can’t count the number of times I have gone days and in one case weeks without power. After Hurricane Rita, Houston limped along for two weeks with limited gas, food, and power. This gave me a unique forced opportunity recently to test my preps. The one issue we experienced was light. We had plenty of lanterns, flashlights, and each had a headlight, but none of these devices provide a decent overhead ambient light. They also consume batteries left and right. But, it’s nokero bulb In Snownot just hurricanes I run into this issue. I have scoured outdoor stores for a good solution when camping as well. The best solution I found was a disc shaped light, often called the UFO Light, that takes 4 AA batteries and hangs from the roof of my tent. It is a great solution for overhead light, but it eats batteries and I am always forgetting the thing on.

Three months ago my brother stumbled across a company called Nokero that had just introduced it’s first product, a Solar Light Bulb. It’s the kind of idea that makes you want to smack yourself in the head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that.”

Noker’s Solar Light Bulb features four solar panels, a rechargeable NiMH AA Battery, five LEDs, and is construct from impact resistant plastic. Nokero claims over two hours of light from an average day’s charge. In optimum charging conditions they claim up to four hours of light.


  • Over two hours of light per typical daily charge**
  • Up to four hours of light once fully charged**
  • Two-plus years of battery life**
  • Safety hook for hanging
  • Rainproof
  • Night-only protection circuit protects from?accidental daytime usage
  • Standup in harsh winter conditions (per some non scientific testing reported in their company blog).

Technical Specs:

  • 70mm (2.75 inches) in diameter
  • 125mm (5 inches) tall
  • LEDs (5 count) light source
  • Solar Panels (4 Count) power source
  • Replacement NiMH battery-powered

A Little More About The Company

nokero founderHong Kong – In order to bring this product to market at the lowest cost, Nokero International, LTD. is based in Hong Kong. Nokero’s best-practice product development, quality assurance and procurement allow us to deliver the world’s only solar-powered light bulb at a quality and price point that can not be met by traditional manufacturers / distributors.

Review Coming Soon

I have three of these bad boys on order. At least one will get put through as many paces as we can find and report back.

Images graciously provided by Nokero International, LTD