How to Not Be Overwhelmed

Neil StraussAdvice

The other day I was talking to someone who was completely overwhelmed with her email. She told me that she was constantly receiving emails ALL the time, and this took away her time from everything else in life. I asked her… Do you have any boundaries around your email? She wasn’t sure what I meant, so we drilled a bit … Read More

The “Why” Behind Your Big Ideas

Richard ArthurAdvice

Let’s talk about your big idea… I’m assuming you have one (or many)… And the steps usually look like this: 1) You come up with the idea. 2) You set out to figure out how to do it, how everything would work… 3) But then you rationalized that you couldn’t do it, so you move on to the next big … Read More

Back to School: Thank a Teacher Challenge

Brian FishbachAdvice, Challenge1 Comment

It’s early September. The northern hemisphere still has a month left of summer, but for many people, this week marks the end of summer—back to school season. While we are busy putting so much emphasis and excitement on ourselves and our children as students, the people who get overlooked most at this time of year are the teachers themselves. As … Read More

How to Layer Your Time So You Can Accomplish More

Neil StraussAdvice

Today’s blog post is going to help you blow through a common excuse people make… An excuse that sabotages your progress and your life–and it’s so common, even I’m guilty of making this excuse from time to time. The excuse is: “I don’t have enough time to work on that right now.” And by “that,” I mean a new skill, … Read More

Taking Care of Yourself Is Not Being Selfish: A 3-Hour Challenge

Brian FishbachAdvice, Challenge

“Can you spare 3 hours today?” If someone asked you for 3 hours of your time today, what would you say? Probably, “hell no,” or a well-worded excuse. But what would you say if you asked yourself for 3 hours of productivity today? We’d all say yes. But how many of us will actually give ourselves that time? Much of … Read More

What Do You Want to Create and Why Haven’t You Done It?

Neil StraussAdvice

Humans have a deep desire to create and to build. We rose to the top of the food chain because of our ability to create. And I know from personal experience, the most satisfaction I feel comes after periods of creation. But today we are all dealing with a very serious problem… There is a major suppression and misdirection of … Read More

Life Balance and a Five-Year Plan

Richard ArthurAdvice

Having a more balanced life should be a goal on its own, and this blog post will show you a simple way of making progress on that front. While most goals are overly ambitious, unrealistic, and without a plan, the singular focus and obsession of reaching one goal can be detrimental. It can lead to imbalance in life, and living … Read More

Make Your Harshest Critic Work for You

Richard ArthurAdvice

It’s no secret that you are your harshest critic. That internal voice is constantly criticizing every move you do… You’re never good enough. And you can always do better. Does that sound familiar? It’s totally normal. As humans in today’s over-stimulated world, our brains are wired to be constantly dwelling, obsessing, and stressing about little things that don’t really matter … Read More

The Six Major Qualities of Great Leaders

Richard ArthurAdvice

We are all leaders:  Leaders of our families, jobs, social circles, and destiny. It is our moral obligation to be the best leader possible. The world needs leadership more than ever today, especially since so many people have been conditioned by society to be lazy sheep. Comfort makes people unambitious, and technology automates people’s thinking and the way they lead … Read More

Patience is a Virtue

Richard ArthurAdvice

You don’t need to have your life figured out, just yet… We all spend way too much time worrying about the future and what we are supposed to be doing. We are stuck in a trap that lets us believe we should be exactly where we think we should be—a place where we have everything figured out, we’re on the … Read More