Your Second Brain

Richard ArthurAdvice, biohacking

You have a second brain that helps run the one in your head. You see, there is something living inside of your gut. To be more specific, there is a whole ecosystem of living creatures, of microbes, living inside your body that, combined with a vast neural network, make up what’s known as your second brain. To be clear, this … Read More

Lessons I Learned From Losing Everything Two Days Ago

Neil StraussAdvice, Survival

These past few days have been an emotional roller-coaster—with one of my biggest life lessons at the lowest point of the ride. This blog post is as much for you as it is for me, so that I can remember and internalize the epiphany of this week. Some of you may not even relate to it. But it’s an interesting … Read More

25 Signs Your Relationship is Working

Neil StraussAdvice

I often think about how grateful I am for the journey of The Truth. I think that’s why my next book has been so long in coming. I’ve learned so much about what makes our minds tick, and am so committed to spreading the knowledge to as many people as possible. Especially at this turbulent time in our culture. And … Read More

Parenting Tips: A Growing List of Lessons as the Children Grow Up

Neil StraussAdvice

As I write this, I have been a parent for over 1,300 days. And if you’ve been on my Inner Circle email list, you know that I have repeatedly said that my son Tenn is my greatest teacher. Being a parent has taught me more about myself and the world than anything else. This list is not intended only for … Read More

You Need to Immediately Take on the Project That Excites You the Most

Neil StraussAdvice

It’s been a busy week here preparing for The HAVE. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. One of my goals for this Year of Deep Inner Game is for The HAVE to become a regularly recurring resource for all those who need to deal with and resolve their issues. (Which is basically everyone.) I know that … Read More

How Are You Spending Your Time?

Neil StraussAdvice, YoDIG

What is your biggest measurable goal? What is the one thing you really want to accomplish in this chapter of your life? Don’t think too hard about it. On some level, even if doubt or overthinking gets in the way of you articulating it, you already know just what it is. For me, when I was in college, it was … Read More

The Problem with Talk Therapy

Brian FishbachAdvice

This blog post is based on a conversation we had with Neil at a recent Society intensive. As a society, we don’t focus enough on mental health. From the start of life, we see physicians, dentists, and teachers – it’s time we start taking our emotional and psychological health just as seriously. First of all, everyone has a reason to … Read More

How to Choose an Interpretation of Yourself That Best Serves You

Neil StraussAdvice

You are your interpretation. So change your interpretation of events and change yourself. But the way we talk to ourselves can be cruel and insane. If someone else talked to us the way we talk to ourselves in our own heads, we’d hate them and wouldn’t want to be near them. So why do we tell ourselves these things? Let’s … Read More

Can You Trust Your Partner To Have the Passcode to Your Phone?

Brian FishbachAdvice

This blog post is based on a conversation a few of us had with Neil the other day in a sauna. None of us took notes, but we attempted to write down every piece of Neil’s logic and advice he offered on phones, trust, and relationships. Let’s talk about trust in relationships around the phone and social media. As a … Read More

The Best Songs for Focus and Productivity

Neil StraussAdvice

Every day, there’s something new and sinister that robs me of my focus and productivity. I’ve written about this before and offered my advice on how to stop distractions dead in their tracks. …but they keep on coming back. So one tool that I use to be laser-focused and productive while I write is playing a handful of songs and … Read More