1 Simple Challenge That Will Teach You Dedication

Neil StraussNeil

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As promised, it’s time for our next 30-Day Challenge together.

We will start this cleanly today (August 1st) and end on August 30th.

This challenge as I said before is VERY easy and, if you continue it afterward, you will live longer. (That is, unless you’re one of the minority of people already doing this.) That’s a big result for a little blog post.

So here’s the Challenge:

For the next 30 days, I challenge you (and myself) to floss your teeth every night.

(To clarify the above sentence, I will be flossing my teeth each night, not yours—maybe next challenge.)

Seem anti-climactic?

Not really: Flossing daily will increase your life span…by an estimated 6.4 years, according to one study!

That’s right. All that bacteria build-up can lead not just to gum disease, but heart disease as it finds its way into your arteries.

If you’re a daily flosser already, then respect; I’d recommend starting another positive healthy habit instead for 30 days, based on whatever your vice may be. For example, no soda, no trans fats, no skipping breakfast, or start exercising daily. Note that sex does not count as a vice: Having it regularly will actually increase your life span.

(Maybe if you floss while having sex, you will live forever.)

From the Persuasive Lab at Stanford University, here’s a tip to help the non-flossers succeed: The director of the Lab says that if you’re short on discipline, then for this experiment, only commit to flossing one tooth—just one single tooth—each night after you brush.

What you’ll usually find is that after one tooth, you’ll likely end up flossing the rest anyway. As a writer, I can confirm that starting is the hardest part. So lower the cost of commitment for yourself.

As for those who don’t even brush their teeth nightly, I don’t know what to say to you: Just don’t breathe on me at book signings.

Regarding the punishment: If you miss a night of flossing, you don’t have to give the Tooth Fairy a dollar. The punishment is the knowledge that you’re killing yourself slowly—and you still have dinner rotting in your mouth.

How’s that for a guilt trip?

With slow gliding back-and-forth motions,


P.S. Reminder: Gmail users, don’t forget to drag my emails into your new PRIMARY tab (when viewing the full inbox).

P.P.S. Gamers, you can add the above fact into your “dental floss opener.”

P.P.P.S. Thanks to those who asked about the Society Intensive on getting to the next level with Finances and Career in NY. It went great, a new area for me to host and teach. And an incredible thing happened with the group: Many of you may be here solely for Game advice, but what we’re finding is that as we improve each different area of our lives, there is a corresponding increase in our Game success, overall confidence, and especially the quality of women we attract.

So making one thing better will make everything better.

And believe me, if there’s anything that’s going to ruin your Game, it’s bad breath. So start flossing tonight!

(And for those of you already flossing, pick up another healthy habit instead for 30 days and post it in the comments section below.)