Help A Brother Out: I Feel Stuck In My Life

Neil StraussNeil

“I’m too scared to learn.” Help a brother who watches too much porn change his thinking in the comments section below.

Dear Neil,

I’m sure you’re putting the final touches on your book or revving up your wedding plans. Good on you for having accomplished so much.

I’m going to be honest, I’m here to ask for help. I realize you have no incentive to help me and I really wish I could offer you something. If there is something I can do, please let me know. If you can’t help for whatever reason, thanks for reading this far and I wish you a happy married life.

Things aren’t exactly great for me. Let me boil it down. I’m the slowest learner in the world. I just don’t have the intelligence or patience to learn something unless it happens quickly. I’m too scared to learn. I couldn’t even do Day 1 of the Stylelife Challenge

I feel like Atlas with the world’s burden on my shoulders because if I can’t get my social life sorted, my whole life will dwindle to nothing and my genes will be weeded out in the future. When I take a look at old people in their 60s and 70s, I get scared thinking I’ll end up old and sad like them. I’ve had one sexual experience in my life and it was with someone who wasn’t that attractive. I settled and it sucked.

I hate masturbating, I hate watching porn, I hate thinking too much and yet I resort to these three things.

Fuck! I hate how I’m not living life.

How do I get out of my head? How I stop thinking of the pink elephant when everyone keeps saying, “Stop thinking of the pink elephant?”

I’m sorry for complaining, but I really do not know who to vent to. I feel you can empathize, and hence I’m emailing you. I just want to be guided right now, hold someone’s hand and walk through the jungle. If you have anything to offer, please let me know.

Once again, if there is anything I can do, please let me know. I am the classic nice guy and I’m sure you are aware that I tend to give more than I take. So let me know what I can give you because I definitely need to get a lot of help.

Take care and all the best.


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