Friday Gear Report: The Selk’bag

afrankelSurvival, Survival Gear

Selk’bag, the sleepwear system by Musuc,  looks like something the folks that brought you the Snuggy would dream up. The sleeping back with arms and legs comes in a Lite ($79-$99), and Extreme Weather (coming 2012).

While the home page images might have you thinking someone came up with the idea at Burning Man, the Selk’bag was actually designed in Chile.

You too can look like an extra in Gumby Goes Camping!

From the manufacturer:

Inspired by the lost Selk’nam natives of Tierra del Fuego, Chile…

Originally developed in 2006, the Selk’bag Sleepwear System was created by Rodrigo Alonso of Musuchouse in Santiago, Chile. Winning regional praise and recognition, Rodrigo Alonso commercialized the Selk’bag working with Lippi Outdoor, a 30-year-old technial mountain gear company also of Santiago, Chile later that year.

In February 2007, the Selk’bag made its debut in Europe at the ISPO sporting goods show in Munich, Germany, becoming a Brand New Award Finalist, a prestigious honor for new outdoor products in the European market.